The Virgin Galactic's young rock will cross the boundaries for her & her; first time


The Virgin Virgin Galactic crash grew up with two populations on board than ever before, and # 39; beyond what US weapons exploit space boundaries and to be like a & # 39; The first flying flight of 2011 is the US soil.

The United States did not submit anyone to the place since they stopped the NASA enforcement program in 2011, and uses the Soyuz Russian roosts to go to # 39; Astronauts to the International Speech Center (ISS).

Since then, there are private companies that try to put vehicles capable of putting astronauts into the space; fight with commercial products.

In this situation, Virgin Galactic yesterday took an important part when the unit unit VSS ranged to 82.7 kilometers high.

VSS Unity did not get out of the Land, transported by a goods plane leaving "spaceport" of Mojave, in California, and, after being released, the two A pilot on board the engine and put a course for the highest sky

"Welcome to space," wrote the group on Twitter.

"We have traveled to Mach 2.9 (about 3,550 km / h). That's 2.9 times a sound speed," he said.

Usually it is believed that space limits are 100 kilometers away, but US Army is considered to be a bit further down, about 80.4 km, and passenger airplanes will have a long distance. fly at a height of 10 cm.

This airplane is a great benefit to this location that was founded by the British Richard Branson, who is here. Try to submit tourists for a price of $ 250,000 per seat. More than 600 users have already paid their price.

Branson, who was told about CNN in November, said he expected his pilots to get into the "Christmas Eve" space, which wrote Thursday in a statement: " Today, for the first time in history, a ship that was built to private passengers has reached a place. "

"It's a crucial day, and I can not be more proud of our teams that have opened a new chapter in spatial research," he said.

NASA is loaded

Virgin Galactic SA spoiled for VSS Unity for four space science and technology tests converted "to make Virgin Galactic's aircraft its first money generating money" said the company.

"Congratulate @VirginGalactic for a successful SpaceShipTwo flight to replace a four-boat sub-vacuum on @ NASAíTechnology aboard," said NASA on Twitter.
Last July, VSS Unity came to 52 km in the part of the atmosphere called the mesosphere, further afield of the sratosphere.

Another Virgin American company, better known than Virgin, is well placed to become the first person to send passengers into the place: Blue Origin, founded by politician Jeff Bezos , an Amazon proprietor, but he seems to have made a small rocket decision.

The date of the Virgin Gala's first commercial aircraft was suspended several times, mostly due to the accident spending co-pilot on a pilot plane in 2014.

"What we have seen today is the most reliable evidence that a commercial place is to become one of the 21st century business", said George Whitesides, Virgin Galactic and The Space Space.

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