The voice is "No Hey Siri, OK Google". Google Help Support from Siri on iPhone – Engadget Japan Edition


When I talk to Google's Google or "Hey Google" to Siri on the Google Tool iOS convert, Siri's Google help shortcut has been launched. The Google Toolkit launched by Siri is ready to listen to the audio right now and the Google Schedule will respond if you keep it as it is.

It is "Hey Siri, Ok Google" which is listed in the voice order title to talk to Google's Google Chrome using this usage.

If you set "Siry to Hey Siri" in advance of the "iPhone side" situation, contact Siri with "Hey Siri" and then go to Google's Google Customizer with "Hey Google" to use something wrong So , on the iPhone, you can help Google with just a voice.

Note that the Siri average position of "Sir Sir Assistant" does not appear to be shown in a Japanese environment.
However, even in that case, once and then; If you have placed an iPhone language status to "English" and the opening of the Google helper, the location screen will be displayed. Once you're & # 39; Siri short distance situation, you can even use it if you return to a Japanese environment.

Hey Siri Data, Hey Google "- caption =" Siri Assistant Helper Sir "data - credit =" TORU ISHII Data "- credit link - data back =" "dam - supply =" "local data - id = local -1-8316631-1542854870037 "data-media-id =" 9ee25304-a3a3-32f2-8ffa-950e7af000ed "data-original-url =" 2018 - 11 / e 7 d 6 e 0 f 0 - eg 00 - 11 e 8 - a 0 ce dc 0 9 to 3 c 2 f 240 "data - title =" Hey Siri, Hey Google "src =" https: // images / 2018-11 / e7d6e0f0-ee00-11e8-a0ce-dc09a3c2f240 "/><br /><strong>▲ When you set the iPhone in an English environment, the short Siri setting will be displayed. You can set the start button but "Hey Google" "OK Google".</strong></p>
<p>If you want a writer with many Android phones and Android phones, you may have the iPhone to use Google Help. Even in those scenes, it's useful to let you go through Siri and contact Google Helpers when it's going to go. Talk to "Hey Siri, Hey Google".</p>
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