The Voice Kids: Applications through – he understands that something is going wrong


Judges "The Voice Kids": Mark Forster (l-r), Stefanie Kloß, The BossHoss (Sascha Vollmer and Alec Völkel) and Lena Meyer-Landrut. Archive

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"God, that never happened," said governor, Thore Schölermann. On the Sunday afternoon "The Kids Kids" magazine the candidate Jorden was recorded in the face.

Cologne – Not so good for the "The Kids Kids" candidate from near Kaiserslautern: When Saturday's show Sat.1 came on Sunday afternoon, the 15-year jury tried Mark Forster to Stefanie Kloß. , The BossHoss and make him believe Lena Meyer-Landrut. But at the beginning the first sound came to Jordan. Because of his early singing of "This Town", he immediately noticed that his voice had gone wrong.

This has never happened before: technical problems are having a negative effect on the view

Reason: technical difficulties. The boxes seem to have broken off, and that meant the boy didn't hear himself as he should. "Oh God, that's never happened," said the great presenter, Thore Schölermann (34) in the background. The jury also amazed and realized that something was wrong. "It's not sound," said Mark Forster. It is looking particularly impressive to the audience.

As he appeared, Jorden had difficulty with technical difficulties.

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Jorden tried to take a few moments to save his work, but he was released from that time on. "Won't you look at it, jury? There's a technical problem, it's straight away," the news comes.

You can see the mosaic performance in Sat.1-Mediathek.

Video: Breakdown of Jorden's appearance

When the battle was stationed, the girl put 15-years back. And he showed him the jury which he hath. Stefanie, Lena and The BossHoss beat the fox into bringing their boy to the crew.

Three jury members for Jorden are to be part of the team

“You're absolutely quiet,” suggested Stefanie, a member of the jury. “Sometimes things don't think about happening that might worry you. There you are very restful, which I consider very much, "following the Silbermond Singer. His collaborators were on the way," as Lena Meyer-Landrut added. Finally, the Jorden team decided.

Not only “The Voice” magazine to Germany's little vocal talents is a passionate commitment to TV audiences. For the first time, Generation 60 Plus now features her talent in "The Voice Senior".

And there was a lot of sad news recently from the publication of the USA. The candidate "The Voice" Janice Freeman had died at just 33 years. Miley Cyrus, a jury member, was surprised.


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