The Volkswagen I.D. There is a Home Delivery Buzz Cargo


Photograph: All images of Volkswagen

I.D. Volkswagen. Buzz Cargo buzz-bheachd is to make a & # 39; Their first auto-visualization in Los Angeles this week and, in many ways, it will respond to a question that is; market has been searching for time now: why cars vans should not be electric?

The worry is a range as this is called the accident for electric vehicles for a while now, as infrastructure still costs only the US and other parts of the world, and users Want to drive the drive without worrying about & # 39; Run from the zoo Post-I think that this worst is largely damaged, because most people do not have a lot of people. Driving over 100 or 150 thousand a day, and many butterflies can take one day on one tax. Hydraulics are even more responsive in the range of delivery vehicles, especially in urban environments where delivery trucks are available; do a lot and many short journeys.

Enter the I.D. Buzz Cargo, a version released by Volkswagen last year. He is now in L.A. and Volkswagen said Tuesday, can was launched by 2022. I would not be affected, but the I.D. Buzz Cargo does a lot of things right, and the guidance we should have to do is; go.

It is built on its familiar sketch architecture, and VW says that it can up to 340 miles by one car, or more than enough to be a delivery vehicle, urban environment or not . Inside, it's full of fun activities:

The interior is designed for commercial use, down to the smallest details. Instead of two single sets in the front, Motorcycle concept is equipped with a driver's seat and a double seat on the side of the passengers. The middle seat can be folded to open a workplace where the driver is able to; using an integrated laptop. In the "I.D. Pilot", this can still be done on the move. The driver will use a & # 39; mode of devolution just by pressing its & # 39; steering wheel for a few fingers, which then enters the instrument panel. Then the driver's seat can be turned 15 degrees on the right, allowing it to go to the right; computer on board to be run from the iconic place.

Volkswagen has also thought, and maybe too much, about a back shelf system:

The goods section that starts behind is & # 39; first seating series and most. In collaboration with a Sortimo German tool specialist, a sensor shelf system was developed for the locality. This shelf system is connected to the drive through a business control unit that is unique to CAN users and interfaces. The data is transmitted by WLAN to records in the goods and pockets. With a mobile phone network, the active control unit could communicate with a company or track-order operation, and ensure that all articles on the shelves can be checked. This provides detailed detailed instructions on the type and number of goods and equipment in the & # 39; This forthcoming Congress.

I like this all, and it's great to see that VV minivan gets back to its roots, because before it was used for hippies, b> # 39; Software is the most important thing.

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