The Vuk Mob LIVE in the exhibition Milena Ćeranić all put on the front! And just, tell her …



03/12/2019. 23:29 – 03/13/2019. 07:32

Ami Ji

Photo: Pink TV Screenshot

The Ognjen Amidzhi exhibition is a guest Teodora Džehverović, Vuk Mob, Milena Ćeranić and Emir Aličković.

As soon as the display is displayed and the guests appear, Ognjen moved to the current topic so he asked Milena Ćeranić who had her own relationship with Vuk Mob in a friendship, and she replied briefly for "No."

The fireman didn't stop him, and so he followed him: t

"But were you communicating?" "And you laughed in this show?"

Milena said Ognjen was struggling to meet herself and Vuk Mob in the show and that was an amazing talk, The hatred and did not have a good idea of ​​each other.

Ami Ji

Photo: Pink TV Screenshot

This was all at wolf:

"She thought it was a rubbish," he said. and for me it is an awful sight. And then we met. "

Follow Ognjen, Vuk continued:

"There is so little love for hatred." We sat down, we talked and we saw that he was not looking at it at all.

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