The Walking Dead event called Jesus and Aaron twins


SPOILER OUTCOME: Read only if you've been watching the week "Stradivarius" on the Sabbath The dead are walking.

As many questions! That's bigger Walking Dead Observers could think at the end of the week "Stradivarius" on Sunday. We learned that Rick had disappeared Daryl was after her; lived alone, but was left to complain about that X secretary scar that came back to Daryl, who answered Michonne. We found that Maggie had left Hilltop to Georgie in a & # 39; help another new group, but now I was surprised why she and Michonne had been in some of their community eyes. We saw Jesus and Aaron at fragile meetings, but wait … what was a romantic part for those meetings?

As many questions! So, we gave these questions to Angela Kang who is looking to get her a professional perspective on everything that is and more, and her. including a preview to be ahead of mid week weeks. (Read through the two pages for the entire interview.)

NON-NEW CHANGE: First time, let's do the most important thing from the bat: Daryl has a dog! Norman has been telling me how six years he wanted a dog on the show, so tell me how he got the last thing.
ANGELA KANG: When I started the show in season 2, I was also Team Daryl. This is something that has been banned around for a long time, and never happened. And for being honest, a dog had died very quickly during some of the seasons.

So we were talking about, how can we look at the state of Daryl? And I thought it would be brilliant that he had been off for a while after Rick's death. Daryl just disappeared. And Daryl is a person who catches a hunter and a # 39; going out and doing things, and it seemed like a dog is a good friend. It shows that there is still a desire to connect in any way. And so the companion's dog is loyal. In my mind, there is a story behind where the dog came from. And so a dog came to an end.

And Norman wanted help with choosing the type of dog, so he kept me pictures of adorable dogs for weeks. And the two dogs that play are & # 39; great dogs. It is the main dog, it's Seven, and it's just as spectacular as well as a dog. So it's really fun to see Norman's work with his last puppy.

Oh my God. You were just curtailed when you said "Yes, you know, if we gave him a dog back, I'm sure he would have died at any time." And I look like, "Oh my God The West This dog is going to kill!" You are completely in a position; Give us a position, and you have always set your dog to love her, and then something terrible will be terrible. going to happen.
Oh my ghosh. I do not know if my heart is for the dog, the person is killed.

Look, you can kill everyone you want. Do not attach to the # 39; dog! But keeping Daryl, seems to have had a problem with the closure of Rick's loss. What's happening here with the & # 39; Looking for her friend and then just going to live alone? I do not know if there is a grid in the apocalypse, but if so, it's been a & # 39; stay there.
He is sure to stay where & # 39; grid. I think after Rick has gone, it's just like, "Well, what do I do to the next step?" After that. And I think it would have been & # 39; Looking for something to be closed, for himself but also for Michonne, who is a great friend and that his brother's love is in the apocalypse.

When that did not do anything, the only type of wolf was that he was always quite unwilling to be. He always goes around saying, "I'm better on myself." There are months when he wants to go; ran away from the group, and finally he did it. I think it's our mind in the story, it may have spent a time of trading between the communities. He kept something in communication. Indeed, Carol knows where it is. But communication came smaller and smaller over time. And that's just a really real sense of what Daryl is, but also where his head is. Why is he going to attack? He does not really want to be a bureaucratic leader in a community. He lost his brother, and in some ways he lost the way when that happened. So that's the starting point for him. And then we can see what I hope is an interesting arc over the season when Carol comes and pulls it back into the small piece.

Speaking of people who do not want to be leaders, we will get a & # 39; Our first glimpse of the Hilltop and Jesus is now running because Maggie has gone away with Georgie to help with a new community. This is interesting because Jesus is a man in the comics and the television show that you have never had to guide, and are you searching here, is not it?
There are distinctive characters, although they show leadership in certain situations, their intention to be behind a desk or to ensure that the food accounts are correct and that material is distributed and this is No, not just who. And I think Jesus was, like the person who was a right-handed man for Magggie and a Hilltop person from the holidays, someone who would be the people. look naturally.

And yet it's a thing that's hard because it's; And the person who likes to be out of his horse or running around the land. He was the one who was fight. Very similar to the way Daryl and Aaron were going out, Jesus's lovers appear to be out in the world. He likes to gut. He likes to find new things and new places and new people. And so he is in a place where he is struggling with that.

And in some respects, Tara takes over some of the duties that he has, Maybe Jesus would be kind. So it's a real genre in this amazing place. Even more, Maggie was like him, "Why not replace this place instead of Gregory?" It's just like, "That's not for me. And that's the character we've seen for a long time. And so we wanted a kind of play out.

How sad was Tom Payne for the bunker?
I thought it was very enjoyable. And I have to say it was rough enough. He looks good at him.

Speaking about Jesus, you sent him and Aaron with those secret meetings. Comic book fans know they're twins there. Do you start to & # 39; set up here?
I can not talk to the future. That was what we were doing; I think it was true that these are two people who are very common and that are very similar to philosophy. They are the individual employers for their communities. And so there seemed to be a natural friendship.

We started, with Alexandria and Hilltop, get frost between them. They had little communication. It is obvious that just some of the animals that happen there. And just the idea that there are at least some people … they are almost like to go; Make secret attempts together. But there is a relationship there. They love each other. But he is heavily based on who they are characters, people who want to maintain links, as those who create these links are the first. (Follow the interview on the next page.)

AMC's zombie musician, based on the classic comic strip created by Robert Kirkman.

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