The war in the Donbass – Ballot in the Donbass was to shelter the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Uisdean wounded trains


On Monday, February 11, militants in the Donbass The fire fire broke nine o'clock, one soldier of the wounded United Forces.

This is reported by the Operation United Force media center.

Out of 18:00, the militants were twice burned, ranging from 120 and 82 mm peaters at an environmental situation in the Gnutovo settlement area.

"From the big anti-tank grenade games, machine guns and small arms – near the town of Pavlopol," – she said in a statement.

In addition, firing guns and small arms and a 120-degree mortar were burned at a fort in the town of Sands.

The enemy set two 82-mm defendant from the Ukrainian in the Novotoshkovskoye settlement and from handheld and automatic device guns, as well as machine guns, our military positions near & # 39 ; Volny Free town, "added to OOS.

Remember, as previously stated, "Apostrof", in a belt in the Urisal Donbas armory after being killed; get a dispute.

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