The war in the Donbass – the army of Ukraine reminded them about their home


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APU soldiers in the Donbass – hundreds of ballad assistants

Cats in the war: Ukrainian weapons have been published by a & # 39; drawing


APU soldiers in the Donbass – hundreds of ballad assistants

Despite the battle in the Donbas, Ukraine's weapons from the units and creatures of the armed forces' try to put their lives in order to remind them of their own home, so they will take cats to the front line.

Photo of twelve Baleen Armed Forces Armed Forces of Ukraine The "Vostok" operating order of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was posted on its Facebook page.

In the pictures, you can see the "baleen-striped" of any color, wool length and wild. They are important to sit on Motherland's protective shoulders, on the military boxes and on the boxes with machine gun belts.

Previously, the "Today" site indicates A funny story about a cat that was saved by a ship in the Donbass
The West The cat was taken to the military unit and was a center for the people, but once it was covered with blood and washed; help was needed.

It was also reported that the animals lost by the owners into the arms of Ukraine and volunteers to save fertile cats, and the soldiers gave the dogs under fire
South Westerly

It was also reported that field mice, which was preserved in the Donbas, became a major attack of campaigners on the front lines. After that, they can not only a food cut, but also unfortunately to & # 39; gutting grenades
Then, the army is trying to baleen assistants who are in a position; fighting with prey, and bringing home comfortably.

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