The war is wonderful


Myrthes Monteiro as Lise Dassin and Gernot Romic as Jerry Mulligan
Myrthes Monteiro as Lise Dassin and Gernot Romic as Jerry Mulligan. © Barbara Palffy

From Eva Hammer

"American in Paris", music by George and Ira Gershwin, launched, launched and decorated by Nick Winston Sunday in Music Theater. Charles Quiggin's level designer overlooks the part of the Eiffel Tower platform. Light and video making Paris, galleries, parks, irregular, even worse and funny craft shows, are the setting for the start of Myrthe Monteiro in the & music collection. The ballet maker, singer, actress plays the lead role of Lise Dassin, the girl ballet elfin.

Back in the collection Daniela Dett is so beautiful & # 39; she is rich Milo Davenport. Adam Hochberg (Christof Messner), who resided in Paris after World War II, stripped on his phi, Henri Baurel (Christian Fröhlich) describes in detail. It is not long for them to find the rhythm. After war and war – the power is going out, "electricité passé", however, he also works with snipping and hitting. "Rhythm that I got" was growing – when Bruckner Orchestra was organized by director Tom Bitterlich into a high-speed release for the symphonic jazz classics. "Who could Ask for anything else?" – Gershwin's subtitles are all the work as "Tone Poem for Orchestra", a & # 39; including the most jazz levels of all time.

Drama was just right on the first night

Music can sing visual shows, there are three men who play; Lise believes that Lise has a great love, the war dam has passed: "It's amazing, it's amazing." Everyone who dreams about their special times with Lise: "They can not get rid of each other". Sing in a & # 39; original language, texts and discussion in German. The Musiktheater Linz was awarded the first night in German.

Jerry's rich painter Milo umgarnt Jerry: "Shall like Dance". Jerry wants Lise, who's feeling it's essential for Henri Baurel to be rich. The entrepreneur's son moves around as a singer in secret among artists. When he believes he is away from his mother, he is a begin to dig, and then to & # 39; A success in the scene with everything that does the US dance. The "Stairway To Paradise" – a number reflects how the United States is a delightful atmosphere. Another main objective is in a dream series that's influencing how to fight with Lise and Jerry.

After the breaks, the characters' feelings in the treaty are different to the love of the pictures. It is something that opposes so hard of music history (jazz) then. This work is done in German for the first time also in Linz as a result of the quality of the latest music drama in Europe. Bruckner orchestra plays a fragile talk! The listeners were very happy.

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