The warriors at the "amazing age" and "Kalabsh" are filmed quickly in Morocco


CINEMA – After Cairo President, It is another Egyptian film that catches hunting in Casablanca.

According to the MAP, film production has been doing its & # 39; First emblem in Egypt "plans to film most of the pictures in Casablanca".

A movie that brings together a number of star actors from the MENA area. Indeed, according to its MAP, we will find among others, the Egyptian star Amir Karara, the hero of the "Kalabsh" series, is the Moroccan Mohamed Miftah and the Turkish actress Halit Ergenç, a star in the Arab world after giving its features Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in the well-known series "The Magnificent Century", which is best known in Morocco under the title "Harem Al Sultan". According to the Turkish media, the actor would have been paid $ 1 million to participate in the "Casablanca" movie project.

At the moment, director Peter Mimi and director Amir Karara are still in Lebanon when they are hunting a series of season 3 of the "Kalabsh" series.

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