The way of the "big leader" to take the billions of the East Asian Bank


On November 27, TAND HCM City Phan Van Anh Vu, Tran Phuong Binh (General Director of Dong A Bank) and 22 other defendants took the opportunity to hear the incident related to the damage. for DongA Bank over 3,600 billion.

By the end of 2015, DAB will be larger than 31,000 billion VND

Recognized in the disaster, after receiving the file from Ho Chi Minh City Police, on 9/12/2016, the Public Security Ministry Police Policy Group decided to establish a criminal case, and the prosecution of the accused explored.

Mr Tran Phuong Binh decided to be Head, Vice Chair and DAB Chairman of the Credit Committee (DAB), who was the principal organizer and managing DAB's financial and investment activities. , through which he put the trust into spending money to destroy DAB over 3,405 billion, including 1.160 billion in the purchase of over 74,000 DAB departments; VND437 billion and 650 taels of outdoor interest; Over $ 24 million and more than 15,000 gold in forex trading and a gold-free gold trading account …

The above legal breaches are the main reasons that follow DAB's position as at 12/31/2015: Earned loss of 31,076 billion dollars, negative balance of 25,451 billion dollars and total total assets just 47.011 billion.

How did Phuong Binh get over VND2,057 billion from DAB?

According to their predecessor, the first ever DAB disregard on Tran Hung Binh, Nguyen Thi Kim Xuyen, Phan Van Anh Vu (Vu Aluminum) and Pham Van Phuoc were over 2,057 billion dong.

From 2007 to 2014, Mr Binh Nguyen Thi Kim Xuyen and the accused directed to commit 9 crimes in the fair payout of Tran Phuong Binh and the purchase of his DAB Department relatives. To settle for the shortage, Mr Xuyen directed Ms. Xuyen and the guardians to take illegal actions by: a donor of gold funding, and # 39; Make short loan records to buy.

In addition, from 2013, Mr Binh also handed Vu Nhô's handwriting near 490 billion DAB and including Vu Aluminum to buy 60 million people in the increase of capital and aluminum over 13 million.

Tran Phuong Binh: The head from the head to the thousands of billion DongA Bank - Picture 1.

Tran Phuong Binh Defense.

In 2007, he put 374.5 billion forward by buying 5 million shares of DAB, which is still a property

According to their prejudice, at the end of 2007, Mr Nguyen Duc Vinh directed the property to spend 23,252 gold tons (without documents) and coordination with the DAB sales department to sell gold for the negative balance of 374.5 billion VND onwards. So far, Mr Binh still has this department.

At the Review Group, Mr Binh noted Vinh to be in attendance; Collecting unpaid bills in the name of Binh and his relatives to have DAB shares, to sell DAB assets for sale of gold, to complete a short loan to buy purchases. At the same time, Mr Binh also decided that Vinh did not benefit, without being shared by Binh's misdemeanor.

In 2008, he received 234 billion by buying almost 6 million shares of DAB from Loc Loc

In 2008, Binh bought shares of 5.75 million DAB of the Viet Viet Fund for a price of almost 328 billion. For purchasing shares, Binh short of over 30 billion dong of Nguyen Hong Anh, used 121 billion dong for Block D sales at Richland Hill Project, Ninh Thinh Ltd Limited (Ninh Thinh) and the Sao Viet Star Limited Food Company (Viet Sao Company), a VND 197 billion loan, VND 328 billion to Fund Viet Loc (Fund Viet Loc), using VND20 billion to open a gold trade account for a Stock Company Phu Nhuan Co-ordinator (PNJ) and Tan Van Hung Limited Company, long & VND496 million is still used for general use.

Mr Binh then provided guidance on the Treasury and DAB for VND debts to establish 204 billion establishments to pay a key priority of VND 196 billion of pay and pay a 8 billion VND interest on loans from Ninh Thinh Company and its # 39; Company. Vietnam Star.

From 5 December to 1 December 2009, Do Thanh Trung established 7 vnD worth 67 billion vouchers; Trần Thế Hùng made 13 short-term VND 42 billion exchanges. From the above actions, Binh has won 234 billion dong.

In 2009, it was licensed over 74 billion by buying over 7 million DAB sections

Continuation, in 2 days 10 and 11/8/2009, Mr Binh directed the 6 short documents; Receive the amount of money collected from the DAB Department to the Finance Office Headquarters to the head office to report the amount of money that is 74 billion. Binh used this money to buy 7.4 million shares of DAB called Binh and other individual and legal elements.

So Mr Binh impeded DAB's 74bb dong appropriate powers in the purchase of 7.4 million Binh Dinh shares in 2009.

In 2010, it was spent over 274 billion by buying over 31 million DAB sections

The purpose of the lending is to increase working capital to pay for goods. On the same day, DAB released 150 billion dollars to the account of Ninh Thinh Àir Company. DAB; 001528320004; Ninh Thinh VND152.8 billion moved (VND150 billion in loans and VND2.8 billion paid by Nguyen Ky Anh) to the Account No. 0102650364 of Chao Ngoc Lien (Binh father) were opened at DAB Department.

By 2010, Mr Binh directed the Covenant of Credit Agreement. H5514 / 1 dated 12/12/2010 for the Ninh Thinh Company to get a 150 billion dollar loan. Then, bin looked at an offense of 151 billion dong to pay 150 billion dong of principal and 1 billion dong for the loan.

Also in 2010, Bin continued to need a DAB of 122.7 billion through a & # 39; buying 16 million shares of DAB. If he wants to pay for the shares in this capital increase, Mr. Binh asked Pham Van Tan to borrow 100 billion dong of DAB and personal loans Nguyen Huy Truong Hong (protector's wife Nguyen Hong Anh) 83.7 billion co.

Then, Binh returned the collection of 122.7 billion VND (80.7 billion VND 42 billion) for the loan of Nguyen Huy Truong Hong and the loan called Pham Van Tan. At the end of the day, Mr Vinh asked Do Thanh Hung to accept the money collected from the DAB Department to the Finance Department's headquarters to take the amount of & 39; to carry money.

In 2011, we exceeded 23 billion by buying over 3.4 million shares of DAB

In 2011, for the money to buy DAB shares of small shareholders, Bon 5 issued a nominated receipts of VND23 billion for Binh for the purchase of 3.4 million shares of DAB named Nguyen Thi My Linh. 4 checks made and Your Thanh Hung made a deposit of 23 billion shortages at 31/3/2011; 31/5/2011; 29/6/2011; 18/7/2011

At the end of the day, Vinh ordered Than Than Hung to accept the money collected from the DAB Department of the campaign to the Chief Executive of the Finance Department to send it to his / her. census to guide this finance.

On 29th – 12th, 2012, Nguyen Thi My Linh moved 3.4 million sections of DAB to Binh.

In 2012, it will get 170 billion VND by buying 20 million shares of DAB

On April 23, 2012, Mr Binh continued to have a VND50 billion billboard written by Do Thanh Hung to move to Pham Van Tan's account account that was opened at the DAB Selection Center. On the same day, Pham Van Tan 50 billion moved to the Inventory to buy 5 million shares of DAB named Pham Van Tan for Binh. On April 24, Mr Binh managed to move 5 million DAB departments to Bac Nam 79 Company for 50 billion VND for personal use.

Without delay, in the recruitment capital increase in 2012, Binh Steering Nguyen Thi Kim Xuyen gave loans for the purchase of DAB shares. Then, Nguyen Thi Kim Xuyen thanked Le Hung Cuong (Tuoi Tre mac) and Tu Thi My Linh (Head Office of the Office of Supporting Ham Nghi) and Tu Thi My Linh a & # 39; thanking 4 others on a designated loan of 120,000 billion DAB Dinh Tien Hoang Branch to buy 14.5 million sections of DAB.

In 2014, it took about 11 billion through purchase

On 17 July 2014, Le Tuan (JSC Advisory Director of the Sales) sold over 1.4 million DAB sections to Binh for over 11 billion dong. Binh thanking the owner of this area.

On the same day, Mr Binh directed VND11 billion billing of Truong Quoc Khanh to pay for the shares. At this time, Truong Quoc Khanh is still the property of the DAB departments above.

Tran Phuong Binh: The road from the great leader for a billion billion DongA Bank - Picture 3.

The Vu Nham handlebag was close to 490 billion including Vu Aluminum for 60 million pounds and more than 13 million dollars

It is known that DAB lost a lot of money in 2013, there is a lack of money, Binh has a policy to increase a quarterly DAB capital from 5 trillion to 6,000 billion to attract, expect Expect of capital. DAB funds and invests in DAB to get good treatment at DAB and to develop the logo and DAB position.

Binh's old and Vu Nham Vu Nhom experts bought 60 million shares of DAB for 600 billion dong when they went to the north. DAB upgrades to 6,000 billion by 2014, aiming to become a constituent at Vu Nhom. Big, biggest at DAB.

Among the assets for DAB departments include: Vu Nhmm Morgaids 220 Land in Da Nang 400 billion VND was loaned by DAB. For the other 200 billion bills, DAB staff asked for the contribution of the property to Vu Vu and Vu Nhom to send 200 billion dong into DAB so that Vu 200 billion dong could be obtained for DAB division to buy.

Mr Binh also praised 284 billion VND at DAB in planned powers to eliminate 13.4 million USD for Vu Aluminum and 11 billion dollars were donated through the purchase of 500,000 dollars to other people.

During the search process, its & # 39; Research Group produced five written papers by Do Thanh Hung, who recorded a DAB detriment as long as he was Head of DAB Headquarters. From 11/10/2012 to 12/3/2015, Do Thanh Hung has given 12 funding for a total of 295 billion for 13.9 million dollars to buy for Binh. Then, with a request from Vu Aluminum, Binh moved 13.4 million USD to use Vu.

In addition, Binh and Nguyen Thi Kim Xuyen, Pham Van Phuoc also have an adverse effect on the powers of the DAB 400 billion authority.

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