The weather is coming: Hionia and Attica In Greece


Hionia and low areas of Attica give the most aggravated weather from God, based on the mechanical service of the National Athens Theater.

The bad weather was going on Monday in the & # 39; Most of the country's gradual impact on bad weather is due to the fact that many of the colds are cold; going on for our country.

The temperature will show a huge fall, which starts northwards and westwards on Tuesday and will be extended to its location; rest of the country Wednesday. The maximum temperature is expected to reach until Wednesday up to nine Celsius degrees.

In the middle of Athens, the temperature is expected to not exceed 13 degrees on Tuesday and 6 steps on Wednesday (compared to 15 points on Monday). To a large extent, the Thessaloniki center is expected to be no more than nine points on Tuesday and six Wednesday (from 14 on Monday).

Water, storms in the sea and the coast, and snow in lower areas to some extent are some of the key features that occur; increasingly worse. The windy and stormy north winds, which reach the ten scenes in each place, blow up in the Aegean Wednesday and Thursday.

The weather on Tuesday

On Tuesday, February 12, clouds are expected to have a long, long time & # 39; where local waters and storms in marine and coastal areas are first marked in the north and west and then in the rest of the country. Snowfalls will be identified in the mid and northern mountains. Local level is not seen until morning and afternoon. The temperature will fall, especially in the north and west.

The temperature in the western Macedonia between -1 and 6 measures, in Macedonia from 2 to 12, in Thrace from 4 to 12, in Epirus and West Sterea from 1 to 13, in Thessaly from 2 to 13, in the mainland 5 to 14, the islands of the Sea between 5 and 12, the Aegean islands from 7 to 14, the islands in the rest of Aegean between 11 and 14 16, and Crete from 8 to 17. The lowest temperatures in the west, mid and north are expected to end the 24 hour time.

Initially, the winds in the northern and central Aegean will blow from the south-west direction from 5 to 7, but gradually they will turn north to 5 to 7 and locally to 8. In the Rhodes area the winds will blow from the right directions from 4 to 6 very difficult. In the rest of the Aegean to the south, the winds first begin to; Breathe from the southwestern direction from 5 to 7 in a large extent, but gradually they will turn westwards to 4 to 6. Ionian winds will come from the west, then from the northwest, and from north from north to 5 beaufort.

In Attica, it is expected to have scattered clouds, which are closer at times, and there are likely to be weak local women. Initially, the winds blow from the southwest side 3 to 5 and locally 6, then from the west 3 to 4, then from the 3 to 5 north and local beaufort 6 addresses. The temperature in the middle of Athens runs between 9 and 14 degrees, with the lowest level being & Last expectations of 24 hours.

Some clouds are expected to be in Thessaloniki at times. The winds blow from 3 to 4 well to the northwest, rising from morning to afternoon with 2 beaufort. The temperature in the middle of the home is between 3 and 10 degrees, with the lowest level being & # 39; Last expectations of 24 hours.

Source: RES-EAP

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