The well-known players who only include PES 2019 Technology


Konami names the new legends who will accompany her; their game Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (PES 2019).

Denílson de Oliveira Araújo, Rai Souza Vieira de Oliveira, Diego Lugano, Argentine striker Gabriel Batistuta and French Ludovic Giuly.

On 6 December, as part of the 3.0 data update update for PES 2019, these players will be available to add them to myClub team.

"It is a shame that Konami recognizes the years I have given for football, by offering a host to a sense of feeling and a & Enjoying the magical moments I have spent on the park, "he said. Denílson.

PES 2019
PES 2019

In contrast, Rai, the game is the oldest year in South America and the current general manager at São Paulo FC, his war PES 2019.

After winning 10 important titles as long as he was a player of São Paulo FC and Paris Saint-Germain, Rai's heroic goal was given the nickname "Terror do Morumbi" (Morumbi terror), and it will be a force Attend myClub teams.

Recognized as one of the best players in football history, the legendary Argentine Batistuta Gabriel "Batigol" He also gives his ability to attack the myClub.

"As a player, my priority is to give the most exciting football show they've ever seen to fans," said Batistuta. "I hope PES fans follow the same philosophy as they play on the playground and explain what makes their sport so beautiful," said e.

PES 2019
PES 2019

São Paulo FC's presence is even more inclusive PES 2019 by including Diego Lugano. While he was & # 39; In the club, Uruguay won a number of national and international titles.

"Even a year has not passed since I jumped off from football, so that Konami recognizes that I am very excited for me," said the monument.

With 17 matches with France, Ludovic Giuly to promote football fans in some of the most important clubs in Europe, such as FC Barcelona, ​​Lyon, AS Roma, Paris Saint-Germain and, indeed, Monaco.

"My career was a bit of magic moments and it's amazing to know that PES fans can revive and enjoy those times," said Giuly.

PES 2019 available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and STEAM for PC in two corporate edits; the world's ambassador, Philippe Coutinho, is on the cover of the usual magazine and David Beckham appears in a special organization that allows followers to solve myClub bonuses.

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