The West Party is a stop to & # 39; drive their EU withdrawal issue


Party Party debates are at the left of the European Union Election Conference on delivering results. On a Sunday, they decided to stop their work to proceed to leave from the EU. At least until the European Parliament elections in May, Ekot reports.

For a decision, a vote was held with the areas where 41 a & 39; stopped the case and there were 30 opposed.

In this way, the Clì Party program will be transcribed on all cases where a party has appeared as an EU's counterpart.

Jonas Sjöstedt: "A clear majority"

The decision is based on what the party board has previously suggested. Instead, the party's board is aimed at impacting on the EU on important issues.

– It shows that there is not a clear majority of it; Thinking that this is something we should take forward. It is a new situation with a & # 39; a rare risk of climate, with the ever-increasing diversity; need to enter and influence the EU. The gliding parties in general are not delighted with the breich, director V Jonas Sjöstedt said to Ekot.

He should work for a "Socialist European"

With the party board lost in another vote.

According to the recommendation of the party board, the party would now work both inside and outside the EU Parliament for "another Europe".

After his vote, the cover was instead that the party should work for a "socialist europe."

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