The Western University kit may have stopped the E. coli pollution lethal from storing stool shelves


An early test tool created by researchers at the West University of London, Ont. E. coli could be found in long latent tubes before the sales of giant shelves sold.

The Public Health Organization in Canada has warned of eating rumor beds due to the loss of E. coli, and # 39; Sobeys, Loblaws and Metro remove the material from their sources.

The enhanced Welded device is a protein that is special for E. coli 0157 bacteria and can yield results by 24 hours. That is the only strain of a drug that causes current disruption in the United States and Canada.

The experiments that are currently dependent on cultures are removed from samples that are contaminated and removing them for testing, with results up to two weeks to return.

Before that time, the food was often killed.

Faster and cheaper & # 39;

"Our aim is to make the test almost as close as possible," said Doctor Michael Rieder, professor of West Medicine Medicine & Dental School and a scientist at Robarts Research Institute.

"This technology is not only faster, but it is not so expensive, it's easy to use, and it can happen right in the processing plant."

The Western University machine has been approved by Health Canada and is now being introduced to food processing plants in North America.

"We look at this sharp signal because it is special for this bacteria. Bacterial presence is not bad, but we want to be able to identify specific bacteria that will lead people to be ill, "said Rieder S-

"Everyone's food safety is the safest aim of food sleeping sure."

Much of the work to fund its support has been funded through Mitacs grant, a federal non-profit organization that promotes academic and business collaboration.

West researchers worked with a based biotechnology company in Toronto and London entrepreneurs, Craig Combe and Michael Brock to develop the device.

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