The WhatsApp audio of "Cavern" Godoy, head of the river – 11/26/2018


There was a voice in the superbochorno. And he was a hector; there Guillermo Godoy, alias Caverna. In the "4-day" program, guide Luis Majul for A24, an audio named the head of the river, which was released on Friday again in the research framework for the repository of tickets for the final of the Libertadores Cup.

"I want to say that, for a raid on Friday, which happens at my house by the order of Justice, through my lawyer, Diego Valente, where I explain to whom he answers the stolen and believers. Now, on Saturday's episode, I am completely foreign to any partnership that may be considered. I will send this audio to clarify my position and to; rejecting justified audits where someone affects me and many others who I have been as the unfortunate and unlucky party that happened before the Boca River, "he said.

The WhatsApp audio, which lasts one minute and nine seconds, will leave the draft of the Ministry of Security, which will put pressure on the " bar.

The distribution of Chaverna was held on the same day that Norcross Brotto rescued the exercise on Monumentaand 72 hours after his research in Caverna Godoy houses and José Bolsa de Papa Uequin, another member of Los Borrachos del Tablón. Then he got 7 million pesos and 300 tickets.

For the procurator, The study in Núñez was "very positive" and, as announced at a news conference, a parallel printing system appeared.

"I received what I was looking for. There are lots of documents to accompany what I have for that purpose. A person who is led as commander of the bar , with an entitlement entitlement and many original tickets. Clearly, I'm searching for the repository. I will continue, I have a lot of research and hard evidence, "said the procurator Brotto. He said: "I have to collect all the information, analyze all that was captured and, based on that, see the last steps and explain what I am describing explored. "

In the last few hours, Brotto could report Caverna. At the same time, it will begin to review the elements taken from the Núñez club offices: member registration and information on the ticket printing system. "The research we are trying to believe is that the realization of tickets that the campaigns are legitimately legitimate, but in terms of Outside the sales and sales system of the club, "said Brotto. How is it possible? Is there a relationship between the bar and a million leader? "I do not know who gave them the tickets," said Rodolfo D 'Onofrio's president. And that way, Brotto was attentive. "There is still a lot of research," said the procurator.

The River, which was always close to co-operation with Justice, has now set up an internal research to determine where the 300 people held by Godoy came from.

At the same time, the procurator lawyer, Luis Cevasco, confirmed to the Clarin that the tickets caught at Caverna accommodation were "real, we will investigate them with the induction system to the stadium. And not a protocol. They are named, that is, they know. "

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