The White House sent a consumer chart to the CNN reporter


The White House renewed a media usage chart for CNN journalist Jim Acosta, but warned that he would be re-entered if he did not surrender the rules for the news conference.

The Whitehouse made an announcement of Mr Acosta's public car after the CNN co-ordinated with President Donald Trump at a television news conference for a fortnight.

CNN said the White House was "back," and they will stop the Trump administration opposition case.

"Thank you for supporting me," wrote Writer Acosta on Twitter. "As I said last night … Let's go back to work."

Secretary of Information White House Sarah Huckabee Sanders ri Acosta wrote in a letter sent on November 19 that CNN's correspondent was again returned to the White House but warned him that he and other reporters If they do not comply with what Sanders want "positive rules" – a reporter is not allowed to ask a question; Just the president or those who answer their question is the right to report to the next question.

"For years ago, White House journalists have taken part in unintentional conferences with their president and other non-behaviors such as Mr Acosta at her. news conference on November 7. " said Sanders.

The White House Media Association (WHCA) said that it was the right thing to do & # 39; An Allan House mailcard to Mr Acosta, but was dissatisfied with the new regulations.

"From the beginning of the White House news conference, White House writers are always on the next questions. We hope to continue the tradition," said WHCA President Oliver Knox. "We will continue to defend its belief that free and independent media in a reputable health have a vital role."

At its news conference on November 7, Acosta asked Trump if he had been considering groups of immigrants from Central America hoping to overcome the Mexican border into the United States as a breach for "attack." Mr Trump said he thought he was an attack and told CNN's reporter, "To be honest, I think you should run this country. "

The decision between CNN and Trump writers began when Acosta asked another question to be given to the president; investigating Russian ban in US elections.

The president said he was not "worried about anything" because he said that inquiries with the Special Treasurer, Robert Mueller, were very tough. Then Mr Trump named "an unfortunate, terrible person".

CNN refused to return the microphone and continued to ask Trump the next question. Public Secretary at Sanders White House asking Acosta to go to; pushing the trainee's hand when she asked him to recover him – a complaint rejected by Mr Acosta.

After that White House courted the journalist's consumer card. However, a federal court today to White House ordered the card to be renewed to Mr Acosta, saying that the ban would release their constitutional rights on freedom.

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