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In a special interview with British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), President Trump President Kevin Hassett, economist chief economist, said China could be able to erase China from the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Hassett is chairman of the Trump Economic Properties Council. In his interview on the 21st, he said China is "inappropriate behavior" as a member of the WTO. He also said that the WTO is a breach of the United States. However, Hassett also stated that the Trump's intensive international strategy is participating.

However, Trump's strategy is unpopular for many people and it is a major challenge for the WTO's handling of Member States' ripples that break the rules.

The main element of the WTO device for resolving a riot and when a member states appeals to the initial rule, it is subject to a review by the inspection team. However, when the term of the inspection team came to an end, the United States impeded new posts, making it harder for working groups.

Hassett said that WTO has a very important role in helping global renewal, but WTO has also made a disappointment of the United States in many respects.

Hassett said that the United States case would automatically enter WTO to; winning, but "it takes five to six years, and the loss has already been made." In addition, due to the low penalties, some countries prefer to be opposed to the breach of the rules, and the WTO must also deal with those countries better.

One country is particularly noticeable in the Trump trading business. Hasett said: "We have never been to see a country like China after entering the WTO. For WTO, it's a new thing to carry a member state in such a wrong way. "

Hassett is the case to debate whether it is possible to solve problems through bilateral agreements, or through the reform of the WTO, or even to send China out of the WTO.

This is the ultimate option, and the best ones that are liked to the three options Hassett are listed, and Hassett is a "#; Praise this option through questioning sentences. He said: "Should we drive China out of the WTO?"

This option is not even possible. However, it is still awfully saying by the senior officials of the US government.

Hasett's statement shows that Trump is more secure in the international trade of the US president, and some say it is more exciting.

In the first two years of his office period, Trump introduced steel and aluminum deposits and a large number of products from China. He allowed the United States to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and re-negotiate with other trade, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The new NAFTA was reviewed in October.

Many of the critics believe that Trump's actions are immune. But Hassett says Trump is hoping that every country in the world can trade without barriers.

When Trump took office, he saw that the United States did not "want" and was open to other countries. Therefore, US shocks were lower than those of US trade partners. The former Clinton, Obama, and the two Bush Presidents are aiming to improve this situation, but he failed.

Trump raised a hard trading strategy for the White House. Hassett said: "I think this is obviously effective." He said he did; The United States converts the North American Free Trade Agreement and negotiates with almost all trading partners. "This is great. Progress."

Hassett does not believe that the new territories that have been detrimental to the United States. Trump, chief economic adviser of Gary Cohn, said that taxes would be made to consumers.

Hassett said the targeted target for China is aiming to maximize China's most serious crisis in the country.

He believes that this is very effective and China is now willing to go to its conversation boards. Hassett said he believes China's President and Xi Jinping Trump have the opportunity to get their favorite talks at the forthcoming G20 meeting.

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