The whole department needs to verify a rocky decision to continue and promote the comprehensive and rigorous development of its party to the depth of the development from rigorous regulation; party Zhou Liyun depth _ Sina News


Original title: confirmation of the whole country must be as strong as rock. Sustainability to promote the rigorous and strict management of its party to the depth of the development

On 6 December, a education conference was given a warning to the Daxing Area and Development Zone and charters. Zhou Liyun, Secretary of the Daxing Area Party Committee and secretary of the Development Area Working Committee, said that the whole department had to go to; come to a decision by strong rocks and give it inconsistent to continuously maintain consistency and sustainability, Continue to make a fair and rigorous regulation of their party; invasion of the depths. Development. Wang Youguo, Liang Sheng, Shao Heng, Wu Wenping, Bai Wen, Yang Wenliang and other area leaders attended the meeting.

Zhou Liyun confirmed that his long-term and difficult task remains to be capable of his & understand and understand the party in detail. Following last year's warning education conference, the committee of the district committee took over the leadership of the city. develop and manage main responsibility; party. Leadership leaders took the lead in monitoring the areas of care, key units for correction and correction, one-level level and level-level heating pressure. The party's party is responsible for managing a & # 39; party and party are strengthened, party control is strengthened consistently, and a political style and style has continued to expand its role, developed. At the same time, we need to show clearly the problems and difficulties, and the study of normal issues that have been examined in the entire area and the difficulties encountered by surveys. Most of the breach of political control and political rules, taking into account organizational control and organizational principles, and its disruption to its & # 39; main government. Strategies are not spirit of the provisions, the use of energy to preserve private interests, reduce the number of interests, corruption of pollution life, lack of fulfillment of duties, weakening of party party and institution building, and enforcement of investigation and correction in rather than.

Zhou Liyun agrees that it is essential to clarify the thing, find out what crimes, and to draw conclusions from one to another, and to learn a lot in lessons about the usual issues that are in place; breach of discipline and law, and firmly fulfilling "seven months." We need to hold the "beautiful nose" firmly and implement it & # 39; principle for managing main responsibility; party; we need to maintain strongly the political and political control of our party, and always be politically prominent; we need to strengthen our causes and beliefs carefully and constantly maintain the political character of the Communists; We have to keep the ideology of development of people who are always and always constantly connecting the people; we need to strengthen self-control and constantly maintain the integrity and integrity of the official line; we need to be heavy about political life within the party; Strengthen the system's cage and strengthen constraint and power management.

Zhou Liyun confirmed that the continued development and promotion of his / her partner's commitment from tight regulation.

First of all, we must continue to strengthen our political responsibility in terms of; party guides. Party parties at all levels in the area have a strong focus on the word "responsibility" and indeed establish a "" responsibility; party as its main responsibility. We need to do a good job in the comprehensive review of the party, to deepen the specific correction, maintain their responsibility and carry the weight, and to do so; Maintain their main responsibility regularly. The secretary of a party committee (party party) at each stage will carry out responsibilities to & # 39; The first person cares effectively. All levels of control and governing bodies need to carry out their leadership responsibilities diligently.

Secondly, we must strengthen the political and political unions of our party. It is essential to remember the requirement "to first see Beijing and the most important from a political perspective", and Putting politics ahead, protecting the basic situation of Secretary General Xi Jinping, and his / her; the protection of the Central Party Committee authority authority and to; guide and link leadership. Turning into "four sensors" to practical activities to listen to order; party and fulfill their responsibility for their & party, act unhappy and execute party resolution decision making.

Third, we need to confirm that control guidance has been at the highest level. The "Common Communist Party Control Procedure Regulations" as " key content, we will strengthen control education for members of the parties and cadres. Adopt the fact that orders have to be done, there is a ban, and all kinds of control breakdown must be investigated, so that the "long teeth" system and control "are convicted" to prevent the "formal effect". We will consolidate the use of the "four forms" of leadership and control, and we will revive the back and back, and "treat people sick and save."

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