The widespread use of social networks could be a bad cause for girls


For more time in social networks, more risk of online bullying and a few hours of sleep. It is possible to explain that girls are more suffering from lowering the boys.

Nearly three-quarters of 14-year-old girls with signs of self-esteem are self-esteem, dissatisfied with their appearance and their; sleep seven hours or less every night, according to a study at the University of London College, named Friday at the Keeper's newspaper

Everything shows that girls are in a position; looking at the more situations than the boys, "explains Professor Yvonne Kelly, who now led the team that examined.

These results highlight the problems associated with the mental health of a young person during life when it looks like, for example, an important issue for their wellbeing. They can have a good feeling about how to bring their self-banner settings or self-thinking ideas into effect.

The survey began in the year 2000 – The Millennium Conference Survey – and its # 39; including 11 interviews for young people of 14 years of both species. The results showed that a high level of girls spend a lot of time; using social networks, compared to boys. It was found that two-fifths of girls use social networks and message services – in particular Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook – for at least three hours per day.

"The link between the use of social networks and poorly bad symptoms in girls," said Kelly. For example, although 7.5% of girls up to 14 years of age were infected with bullying online, in boys the percentage was 4.3%.

The pattern of differences was made again when questioning to young people about other aspects of their emotions and behaviors.

The dependence of social networks is also associated with bad sleep habits, especially those associated with signs of depression. Half of the girls surveyed and a quarter of the boys left they were hard to sleep enough at night

The authors of the survey say that the sleeping difference is due to awakening for several hours to be in the networks, and when they come to sleep appear with the warnings received on the & # 39; phone, usually side

This situation, which warns researchers, is & # 39; form a type of wild circle. "She's a girl who is feeling unhappy with her body and the lack of friends, you'll be getting into social networks for a long time and may reduce your self-esteem and make your mental health more vulnerable, "said Stephen Scott to The Guardian. , director of the national academy for visiting research at the Institute of Illness, Psychology and Natural Science at King's College.

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