The winner placed a nine-wheeled spire


Ljubljana – Ljubljana – At the team news conference BTC City Ljubljana These fortifications were this secondary trip, the main news is those days Polona Batagelj She has completed ten years of successful and successful professional career. "The decision was not easy, you do not accept this at night," said Primorka, who is 29 years old.

When Batageljava began in post in 2008, there was still no riding of women in Sweden. Breaded an eagle; in Batagelli, in those years the Solo women's professional team felt something completely impossible, so she went to Italy, then to Spain, and then returned home in 2012 to a team Polletta amateur. "At the first time, I did not know how much I went down, there was no riding of women, I did not know what I should turn for advice. I did not know how to race in the group, so the first season in Italy was very valuable, and then he started with us in 2012, and I'm happy to come back, "said Batageleva, who is nine The ten year post has become a national campaigner on the road: "It was always honorable for me to be able to spend the colors of the Slovenianis flag on their game. This is obvious, but every time this meant me a lot. "

He got more pressure when he was Gorazd Penko In 2014 he realized a heavy plan and brought the Ljubljana BTC team into professional waters. "We are very aware of the best thing about getting a woman's professional team in Slovenia. It's a big step for cycling women," Batagler is aware that She was so hard that she was if Peter did not. A decision to focus on the rich knowledge of women on cycling.

Polona Batagelj was also grateful to MO Ljubljana when she was a competing post. Dealbh Izkok Dimc

Polona Batagelj leaves the bicycle ten years later in a state much better than she went in. There are many young girls, especially in professional types, who overlap one of the bicycles that are in the middle of the world. Growing up each year, even among women's leisure riders at certain times: "We have a clear future ahead of us, it is already obvious that we are in the right way and I'm ; look forward so I can explore good results in the future too. "

Many fans of Batagelli would like to achieve performance at least. Those who ate; GP GP Plouay's GP GP's best GP GP, and b & # 39; The most spectacular thing under the Olympic Concert: "I got what I wanted, I'm not sorry. The London show was definitely a special thing, every athlete who was in a hurry. dream about it, a year before doing so impossible for me, and then I was 22nd. I do not forget that day. "Even & # 39; In the next life, Batagel's challenges will not be run out. During her career, she completed a masters degree at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, where she is now a master's degree. In doing this, it's a & # 39; promised to stay as part of the cycling, Penko said that they will be able to find a place in the team in the coming years too.

Penko has completed his staffing gap to stay for Primorko for the upcoming season. They come to the team Rosella Ratto, Hayley Simmonds, Monique van de Ree, Maja Savić there Anja LongykaSouth Westerly

"In tough times, we are very much sorry for Poland, I want everything to do. But we have helped us well, Rattova is very familiar, Simmonds has been is a chronometer in Ljubljana twice, and Monique van de Ree has greatly helped the Spanish Marianne Vos and we count that it will be ranked in ten in the Sprint level next season For Anja Longyk, we believe that it is talented enough to help our team, and Maja Savic has been raised on the recommendation of the organizers of the race in Vojvodina. If we want to keep up with it to compete, we have a bit of danger, sometimes, "said Penko, before they started preparing for the 2019 season.

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