The winter has been 2.3 ° C above the threshold


The winter season is among the 20 hottest since 1900. In some places, the rainfall has been two or three times higher than normal.

The Meteorological Institute presented a report on the weather in Norway on Tuesday morning. So far, the winter season is 2.3 degrees above the average.

The Meteorological Institute has been measured since 1900 and this was one of the 20 warmest winters recorded. The winter of 1991/92 is the hottest with 4.3 degrees above the average, and the coldest in 1965/66 with 4.7 degrees below.

Various new heat records

At 31 measuring stations, a new heat table was introduced in February, stating a re-presented record in the report.

B Here it was measured over 5 hotter points than it was in a typical February month.

The highest possible temperature was measured at 18.7 and he was at Landvik at grimstad 26 February. In the same month, five counties could record heat records – Oppland, Aust-Agder, Rogaland, Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane. The lowest temperature – -38.5 ° C – was measured on Karasjok-Markannjarga on 5 February.

Also hot in the Arctic

There were also Arctic measurement stations beyond the normal. On Jan Mayen the average is -2.7 ° C, which is 3.4 times higher than normal. Svalbard was 5.1 degrees above the mean -11.1 ° C.

Their density in February 145 per cent was above the national average. There are big differences. Some stations in Nordland and Troms were three times longer, while East Norway and Trøndelag had two or three stations less than 50 per cent average.

The daily rainfall of 77.1 mm and measured at Valljord in Sørfold in Nordland on 23 February, was the report of the meteorologists.

Monthly overview for February regarding air temperature.

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