The winters are going into the season


Adam Žamp did not have a Polish spell into the new World Cup season when he left the first round of a Sunday slalom in Finnish Levis.

On the flat side still before the first time he took the way with spike of the jokes and even though he went into another gateway, in the way of the rules for automatic disinfection he did not follow the trip . Beginning number of Žampa was 31, and Matej Falat was also preparing for the 55th competition.

SP cases are the first to go; show that the fourth drama is Slalom Hirscher vs. Kristoffersen. Austria's rider, Marcel Hirscher, showed Leibhs on a traditional gallopach trail with a number of "lying down" situations, and probably did not go 54.27 per day . But with a clear running he kept back to Nero Henrik Kristoffersen, who left only 7 hundred. In the best eyes, Noel Clement died 38th, the second of the anti-server, Victor Muffat-Jeandet, was just fifty years old.

For three years, the two remarkable technologists on the slalom king's title are completely linked in SP. Three years ago, Kristoffersen was successful, with Hirscher then, set up on the three small poples before. Norwegian Jack was the only man who banned his slalom owner for one season in 2016.

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