The witness tells of the time of 7 carriages on Highway 1A


The accident crashed on the 17th of February, at km 331 + 200, the main national road 1A, the division passing Quang Tan and Quang Xuong involving 5 cars and 2 motorcycles causing 1 death, 3 wounded.

The witness will tell about the time of 7 carriages on the main 1A national road
The scene was ruined after the crash.

Mr Nguyen The Hung, security security of the Ngoc Tuan Transport and Construction General Stock Company, is evidence of the above road accident.

According to Mr Hung, at about 8m, he opened his company gate when he saw a car that wanted to stop the road, the next thing, a window behind the truck and a wooden truck .

A truck was inserted into the orange pickup truck, the pickup truck went into the Fortuner car that was a trying to cross the road, and then put a toolbar into the middle, to the houses of the people and thrown it. The event took place as soon, at that time, Mr Hung was supporting the people around.

Through the icon taken from security cameras of the General Stock Company of the Transport and Construction of Ngoc Tuan, he also showed that Fortuner's vehicle was turning to the road when it was suddenly removed by a ship trolley and cardboard.

Recorded at the scene, the truck was transported after crossing the middle, dropped on the front of the house by the road and, shake a big tree.

The witness tells of the time of 7 collisions with a collision on the National Highway 1A - 2

He fell on the front of the house by the road and the tree was demolished.

Although still uninhabited, Mr Dao Duy Dien (53 years old, said that Tan Co, Quang Tan, Quang Xuong) said he was behind the house when he heard a great sound ahead.

When he ran out, he saw the start of the house falling, the performance truck was burying his head on his side. The car also added the large tree to the front of the house.

According to Mr Dien, this is the hometown's home for a car repair job. Due to the Tet holidays, his son-in-law has not yet opened the material. Fortunately, when there was a traffic disaster, there were no people in the house.

As indicated at 8h10 at Km 331 + 200, National Highway 1A, the traffic collision occurred in the section of Tan Co, Quang Tan, the Quang Xuong division between 5 cars and 2 bicycles. South Westerly

As a result, the driver died of a site-based device, another 3 injured, the 7 vehicles were severely damaged.

The witness tells of the time of 7 collisions with a collision on National Highway 1A - 3
Their flakes broke their heads.

After receiving the information, the police director of Thanh Hoa and the Quang Xuong district police station, Thanh Hoa traffic safety board went straight to the situation to manage, handle and visit the wounded victims. South Westerly

On the one day afternoon, Thanh Hoa Traffic Safety Board reported a traffic disaster to the National Security of the Security Committee.

Duy Tuyen

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