The Wolves buy Raúl Jiménez!


no doubt Raúl Jiménez represents an accurate industry for an industry Benfica, Because the 14 goals he has been in 34 games in England has shown that leadership is going Wolverhampton option to purchase to achieve with the progress, to run the numbers of maximum 46 million dollars.

According to the paper Sign up from Portugal, it is the practice that the Wolves leaders purchased the Megograms and the next few times they may make their negotiation, for at this time the loan is optional. purchase and would not allow a good box wheel to try to price reduction.

It should be noted that it is Benfica he paid Atletico Madrid of about 24 million dollars for the services ram pool; However, in the Portuguese Eagles they were unable to grab the titular box, so it was loaned to the Wolves for 3.5 million dollars, waiting to be re-evaluated.

Y Raúl Jiménez Never left, so now Wolverhampton You'll need only # 39; pay 42.5 million dollars left, so making one of the most expensive purchase made by one Benfica, but in the highest-profile sale of history all the time, exceeds that of Renato Sánchez to Bayern Munich for 39 million dollars, and the ones in Axel Witsel to Zenit and Ederson to Manchester City, t 45 million dollars. one.

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