The women's family decided to go with her in the treatment of cancer


Mónica Bravo is a neighbor of San Rafael that was diagnosed with cervical cancer, more than a year ago. It has been worked twice and currently chemotherapy sessions, which cause hair loss, are adversely affected.

She agreed on her head that stole Tuesday, but she was not alone. "Her daughters, sisters, brothers and sisters were with her movements to cut her hair together," she said ONE San Rafael Fatima Fuentes, the daughter of Monica.

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He explained that he had decided to make this public for the Bravo family, of Cuadro Benegas, "because it is very important to accompany cancer patients, this disease is very difficult and the interesting situation is essential for good treatment ".

He also thought it was important to share this story "so that more people can be encouraged and shared together".

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Mónica Bravo is cured for crude cancer.

Mónica Bravo is cured for crude cancer.

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