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She is a 66-year-old orphans in Siauliai Vidai who has been at live for 20 years, stay alone, not to a complaint about health, often visiting doctors. For half a year ago, he started to reduce its & # 39; It was scarce, and began to grow faster. There was a concern that he was cold, and he turned to the family doctor. Something surprising, even angry anger when she put it to a gynecologist. Unfortunately, the diagnosis was not injured – cervical cancer.

Every year in our country, there are about 450 women who are ill and more than half of them are sick; die. Doctors say that this disease can be banned. Onutė Rimšienė, a bird-maker of the Dainai Healthcare Center, who gives up this disease, is how you protect yourself.

The deadly enemy is human papillomavirus
During life, 4 out of 5 people have a addressing human type of human pileas (GPP). The good news is that our protection system is often built. It takes about 2 years from the body and we do not have much HPV recognition for a while.

"Unfortunately, if there is a dangerous virus that lives in the body, the risk of cancer development has risen dramatically. Part of the system is not protected Women are capable of responding to HPV. A disease will grow steady and cause changes in cervical cells, saying O. Rimšienė, obstetrician-gynecologist.

Some people think that human papillomavirus is not just a risk for those who often change to sex partners. To a large extent, therefore, the risk of co-species increases the risk of HPV and other hazardous infections. However, in Britain for five years, people aged 15-19 years old have only been looking at sex. After three years of research, 43 per cent of the population Girls were seen with only one sexual partner in HPV's disease.

O. Rimšienė, a doctor, is familiar with a number of issues that diagnose cancer in recent-born women who have recently been born or have not been inactive for many years. According to the doctor, all women should be responsible for their general health, often, once a year, Visit a gynecologist if they have no objections. And if there is a bit of carp, there is an increase in secretions, swimmering needs to be done, and confirmation is required. Slim cancer is not immediately occurring. Initially, cervical diseases can develop acne cancer, which can be healed easily. It is important to do so quickly.

Other cancer risk factors include a weak, immune system, long-term struggle, early intervention in sexual activity, frequent births, movements, smoking and breeding infections.

Let's let life
"Unfortunately, women do not pay attention to their health. Women's journey to an echinologist and health checks often restricts the employment of women – there is no time in behavior -obrach, "said O. Rimšienė, obstetrician-gynecologist.

In Lithuania, the Cervical Alteration Program for all 25-60 year olds is covered by a compulsory health insurance once a year for free inspection (PAP). You should contact your midwife for this test. The PAP survey demonstrates early scientific changes in the & # 39; deer. This means that the illness is likely to be stopped or offset; start early treatment. If needed, women are recommended to do more research.

According to the doctor, women usually tend to stay silent for up to three years, as these surveys can only be able to; Critical cancer diagnosis, but also increasing their chances. Although a scandalous cancer study is only 25 years old from women, the archaeologist says that this should be done as soon as & # 39; and an everyday life begins. Younger cancer Example 22 a woman has cancer after her birth. There is also no risk for older women. In some countries, research is funded for up to 65 years. In our country, women over 60 must pay for their own inspection. It's best to pay for a little money than to lose life. The painless slipper is not done in two minutes.

Now, according to O. Rimšienė, it is easier for women doctors to be encouraged to participate in casual programs because patient data is displayed on their computer. The program prevents the reduction of cancer risk from 40 to 65 percent. If all women were confirmed between 25 and 60, cancer fell by 80%. We would avoid a terrible situation, with 5 women having the average weekly wear due to cervical cancer in Lithuania.

Silent Killer
According to the doctor O. Rimšienė, the cervical cancer has long been developed, wife feeling any signs, the disease is usually aware of too late. Early indications may include generic secretions uncommon, and & # 39; stabilize during and after sexual intercourse, which eruptions between menstruation. Women who got a bath in the blog should be worried low after menopause. You should contact your doctor not to wait for the symptoms to be worse: reveal weakness, pelvis and casual penalties, your feet appear to be anxious; appear, appear or print; kidnapping. This is a rate of 3-4 crudal cancer.

According to statistics, even though the disease has spread locally, there are no metabolism in other groups, it is about 50-60% for five years. women with cervical cancer. If the disease is detected in the first stage, it will be more than 90% for five years. women.

Thus, regular cervical screening is a basic tool to prevent this infectious disease.

The chance to get sick
Only 11-13 year olds are vaccinated from HPV in Lithuania. But O. Rimšienė's gynecologist proposes a vaccination for women under 45 years of age. This will increase the chance of becoming ill with this aromatic illness. In foreign countries, boys are also immunized. And not just because they do not harm their partners in the future, but also because other viruses that cause cervical cancer are linked to other oncogenic infections that suffer from men – anus, larynx and penis.

According to the doctor, the most efficient vaccine is before it's & # 39; virus into the body, that is, before sexual life begins. There is a strong cause for a child to be in adolescence: cervical cancer increases slowly in women who are full of adults, and the disease is very early at a young age. So, even 70 per cent. Girls under 25 years of age can find cancer in levels 3 to 4 when the cure is very effective.

The HPV vaccine has been used extensively for more than ten years. There is not enough time to assess the effectiveness of its vaccine. However, a study carried out in Finland showed that a cervical cancer case was not mentioned in the group of young women who had a HPV vaccine for 10 to 12 years. Of those who did not get a vaccine, 10 women had cancer. In countries where HPV vaccines are active with adolescents, 70 per cent of patients have been vaccinated in recent years. decreased cervical dysplasia, which could be & # 39; leading to cancer, complication or gortabar.

Our vaccine is used in our country for a & # 39; Using a vaccine protects the two types of HPV's most dangerous and most dangerous causes 70-80% of the disease. All cases of crude cancer.

O. Rimšienė, an obstetrician geologist, argues that it is much easier to prevent cervical cancer than healing. Oncotic diseases can be suspended in two types of genotype: vaccine or regular visit to a gynecological gynecologist and through appropriate investigation.

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