The woodlands have prepared a mixed program that is related to the delivery of Blue Swing Drops to a healthy forest


TS Organizers (Milan Dolňan), modified 11/28/2018

The woodlands have prepared a mixed program that is related to the delivery of Blue Swing Drops to a healthy forest

The horses are educated by wood, Horehronski chlopov, Marian Greks, FS Poľana, a pair of music and entertainment for Pali and Pali children, a competition for goulash cooking and another program that includes a & # 39 ; offers a national meeting of foresters in the Zvolen square, which is also associated with Green Drop's contribution to a healthy forest.

Owners of forests, owners and forest followers from across Slovakia with Zvolen on Saturday 24th November organize a special event to protect the honest and honest woodland work. "With this event, we want to give the public the importance of forestry management based on traditions and the relationship with knowledge and knowledge in the field. We do not listen well with rapid solutions to the regulation of cultures for centuries such as the woodland, but also unreasonable criticism in our areas. In this form of the meeting, we also want to unite our community's unity and wisdom in society today's social, "he said Milan Dolňan, Chairman of the Slovakian Forest Chamber.

The program starts at 10.00m, venue fairs with wooden media schools trumpets, the Technical University in Zvolen and the Norwegian fountain lights at the & mast. Horehron flaps will also be heated. Not only the media of the Horehronia fiddler, but also recorded in the Unesco List of Nonvisible Cultural Heritage.

People who give oral tradition to & # 39; come home when they play FS Poľana, and the rock singer and musical actor Marian Greksa will also go to the home. enjoying the excellent atmosphere, with songs still popular with people. Pali and Pali are a pair of singers and performers in her & her; cherry on a cake, which will offering music and entertainment to children.

On the square in Zvolen it will live a lot. Not only will the smallest ones come up, but also learn a lot of new ones in forest education centers. There are no exhibitions of predators, hunting dogs, methods, as well as exhibitions by forestry organizations and institutes or stalls with craft and forestry. Visitors can also encourage visitors to Goulash, and there is a voluntary gathering of symbolic woodland in Zvolen. People who eat religious foods can taste the cooking skills of the cook.

The event also has a human character, at the Forestry-Wood Museum in Zvolen, at the center of the event that can give you the most valuable flow in the world. Green fall for a healthy woodland can help someone who needs it in a long time.

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