The working player dies at Fallout 76 and brings him other users


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Human creativity is not known on any boundaries. One of the players made a film in Fallout 76 who lived with Death's Claw. Then he has drawn to mindless actors, attracting attractive prizes to them.

76 deadly soldiers are trapped. He showed this to Korindabar, who had created his own change of the great Minotaur landscape. In truth, because it is this mythical thing, the passageways go across the death rate, and some invisible players play thisus.

Instead of the promised prizes in the labyrinth, the Deathclaw is in vain. - The labor player dies at Fallout 76 and attracts other users - news - 2019-03-12  t

Instead of the promised prizes in the labyrinth, the Deathclaw is in vain.

Share the player through the Reddit website. Korindabar located the building close to where they started, and impressed the characters down to the ground, promising attractive prizes. In fact, no one knew that the only door from the labyrinth was just the door, and in the middle it is waiting for Deathclaw. The prisoner's struggles have once again survived on the film below.

One of the imported implements Fallout 76 it's wild with wild animals. There was with her help Korindabar his death in the labyrinth. As he says, it gave him three days in search of this creature and made her defend the structure. What is most interesting, animals end up with a very small casualty on human figures to attack them. This means that players in the prison were only safe until the start of the shooting.

It is worth noting that that is Fallout 76 it is a resurgence of a series of after apocalyptic RPG, maintained in a game of multiple players. Since the publication, several technical problems have emerged. This was changing to low levels of inspectors and the community. Apart from this, a lot of controversy has arisen around it, introducing a ban on all the mistakes that have occurred. But still, Bethesda does not provide support Fallout 76. More than a week ago, a hundred days from the first sight, plans have been identified for the development of the game in the coming months.

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