The World Health Organization is awful: attempts to stop spreading scales


The World Health Organization warned Thursday that the attempt to stop the spread of acne split and the number of cases around the world has risen by 50 per cent last year.

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The WHO starter shows it at a global level
How worried about increasing the number of cases is & # 39; measles, even in adults
from countries where a historic banana has a very good quality.

"According to our data, there have been several measles
a huge increase. We see it in each category, "
journalist in Geneva Katherine O Brien, WHO Director for Immunization and
A vaccine named by an AFP news group.

"We've been diagnosing diseases that are long, they're big
range and strength, "
she said. "No
a remote problem, "
He built it.

O Brien said the statement has been less than ten percent
The real number of cases of measles.

"So when we see a 50% increase will be reported
we know we're going into the wrong road,
"She said,
It is the true, genuine number of diseases "Million".

The World Health Organization (WHO) at countries before April
Reporting of the hedgehog that was recorded in 2018.

However, WHO has reported that the data she has received so far shows,
There were already reported 229,000 cases – compared to it
170,000 cases in 2017.

Last year, around 136,000 human life was needed all over the world
world, as the starting point for the WHO Data to appear.

Behavioral behavioral behavioral agents cause serious illness
a diarrhea, a & # 39; disease and loss of vision, and in some cases
deadly. According to the WHO, it is still "Main cause of death in small children
children to

He is unhappy because two flutes are easy to avoid
"Safe and effective" vaccine, which was used since then
60s of the 20th century, WHO said.

Until 2016, the number of casualties has been in & # 39; gradual decline, but from year
2017 is rising dramatically, as Katrina Kretsinger said
WHO vaccine program.

"There are several emergencies … that's brutal
grow. "
Tell your reporters and commented on bad problems
in Ukraine, Madagascar, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Chad and the Congo Democratic Republic
Sierre Leone.

The problem does not get enough access to its & # 39; vaccine for poverty
countries, groups of people on the outskirts of societies and in the countries where they are
war conflict.

In Europe and other rich parts of the world, interim experts
to blame themselves for the problem of separation and misunderstanding
to be vaccinated.

There is a new number of diseases in some countries
With non-tactical claims that their vaccine causes autism,
which also extends to members of social networks of the so-called

"The progress we have made is falling,"

O Brien said.

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