The world is saddened & # 39; the iPhone?


The world is saddened & # 39; the iPhone? - Picture 1.

Apple's new iPhone will be launched in 2018 – Picture: 9TO5MAC

The Wall Street Journal said in the weeks that Apple has released orders for the three phones that launched it in September 2018, the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.

According to the US newspaper, Apple seems to be difficult to estimate market demand for the three new phones in the context of the total application in the # 39; the world's smartphone market has declined, and China's demand from the Chinese market is also "weak" to go a lot.

According to CNET, the new phones did not sell in 2018 as soon as many analyzes were considered first. Apple also had a question about selling an iPhone in a & # 39; current quarter.

According to the WSJ, according to their sources, Apple's product cuts have raised concerns among many partners.

The 9to5mac page provides some extra information that orders for iPhone XR are reduced by third and can be cut longer. The decline in iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max orders is less.

Earlier this month Apple fell by 5% as Apple's bid partners asked owners that Apple sales could be lower than expected.

Last year, however, there were similar reports that Apple had cut Apple X after launching. But then iPhone X is still their favorite phone in the world. The WSJ said Apple had proven positive promises for iPhone X and had cut output orders to 20 million.

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