The world: the fans of the river attack the Boca Jrs mouth and finish the Libertadores


In an embarrassment that has gone round the world, Attack was sent to his & her; Beard Boca Juniors swept for this Saturday on the Liberty Cup 2018 against the River Plate with stones and chest with the violent fans of the & # 39; millionaire near Monumental stadium. So, as a temporary step, the promise was dropped to 6:00 p.m., to get more information.

According to television images of a number of sports gadgets, the vehicle went into the platform with several broken windows and the players, once and they were going to; descending, they went to casualties and with blue eyes from the effects of the stems.

"They threw us all!" The driver and captain & xeneize, Pablo Pérez, who saw a visible influence said.

Then, the main defender, Carlos Izquierdoz, quickly announced to journalists based in the entrance of Boca's clothing in that Monumental "They threw a pepper spray, sticks, stones. He added everything to the micro".

The television showed that the gauges affected the players' induction to the showroom and as a whole, as well as the technical staff and several directors who traveled with the habitat.

"There was a lack of control in the last streets near Monastery. The police had so much damage and had to spread scarce River gas fans, who were also due to the broken wind and windows entered into the micro "One of the activists said to the media.

Local television, A number of players were cut with the impact of the broken glass and River, Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, in the Boca conservatory, reported how close the fighting team was.

A car move was carried out by a police force from the particular area of ​​Puerto Madero, in the middle of Buenos Aires, to the Núñez neighborhood, in the north of the north; town.

The persecution of the fans is their consequences; This competition between Boca and River, is one of the most popular and most prestigious classics in the world.

Since 2013, Argentina has a ban for visitors who are going to join their teams as a result of ongoing violence.

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