The world's first mobile is true without holes, doors, buttons and cables!


Meizu has not yet released his technical features

Meizu gave Zero's innovative inventory phone into the Indiegogo financial platform and if he finds $ 100,000, he sells it at a price of 1,145 euros ($ 1,299).

What is your cellphone? No holes, no doors! It's not for taxes, or for headaches. Even speakers of speakers do not ' suffer.

It does not have corporate buttons, such as on / off or control the size. Meizu has not yet released the technical features, but has revealed that he will be spending the 845 Snapdragon process this year.

Detailed information about what we know and both are stunning and nostalgic at the same time. Of course, construction is up, there is a handheld on the screen, the mobile moves to wire, and # 39; supports the new eSIM card type and including "on-screen audio technology", and # 39; means that holes in the body do not need the speakers.

According to Meizu, there is no "no button, no speaker hole, any SIM card slot, and any tax ports". The outer cover of the solid clay without slippers and holes is extremely flexible, although this happens, he gave little hesitation for compensation for natural loss.

The 5.99-inch AMOLED screen is also a lecturer, and thanks to the patent technology mSound 2.0, and the money is made without speed at the speed of putting the glasses here and Apple and Samsung. In terms of the buttons and numbers (or the home available for some manufacturers) it is practical, they are realistic: just eliminate the clay surface and usually carry out the tasks.

And without holes, cell phone is automatically movable, with the IP68 hidden in the pocket.

It is not yet clear how active the telephone is and if it comes to an end of its & # 39; production, it is a large company in Meizu and may not leave it according to the will of the finance. It is expected to even drop it even if it does not hit the $ 100,000 target.

And then we will see what is possible and can not do "its first phone without holes"

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