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Malham Cave

Malham Cave.


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Be later

Israel's researchers have found the world's longest salt cave in Israel, a Hebrew University in Jerusalem reported on Thursday. This page is now titled Malham's Cave in Mount Sedom, the Dead Sea, at 10 km long.

An international tour led by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU) '(RC), Cave Cave Research Club, and Bulgarian Sofia Speleo Club in Bulgaria, together with 80 custodians from nine recently completed countries, undertook a national tour of the US. Mapping the Cave.

“Ten years ago, when we surveyed Malham, we used tape and compressors,” explained Dr Donald. Amos Frumkin, CRC director at HUI Earth Sciences Institute. “Now we have laser technology that measures our iPhones. ”

This technology helped the team to record a double entry of figures.

Malham was first discovered by the CRC in the 1980s. Later, the CRC trials looked at Mount Sedom and found more than 100 different caves within the interior, the largest of which was 5,685 meters. Carbon-subsequent 14 tests later demonstrate that the cave was 7,000 years old, giving or passing, and subsequently water storms formed new sections for the guests to explore. .

This new album was discovered only when the international trips to Malham returned in 2018 and 2019. These latest tours have been supported by the Speleology Alliance of Bulgaria, the Ministry of Youth and Sport in Bulgaria, Federation of Literatures t Europe (FSE) and support for Aventure Verticale, Korda, Scurion and Bulgaria Air.

Malham is the first cave in the world to have reached the double figures. Currently, the survey team is preparing final data from the new Malham Cave surveys to create an electronic map of the cave and publish the results.

By talking geologically, the salt caves of the living things are living, explaining definition to Hebrew U. They usually form in deserted areas with salted rocks. What helps them to water – even a sunny climate sees some water. When it rains, water pushes down awnings on the surface, wipes salt and forms halfways on the way. After water has been drained, these dried up “river beds” and formed salt caves.

“Saul Malham's Cave is a river cave,” said Frumkin. “Water from the surface water flows below the ground and the salt has been sent out, creating caves that still go on when heavy rain falls over Ben Sedom. once a year. ” t

Beinn Sedom is named after a place mentioned in the Bible. the Genesis Book tells how Lot's wife became a pillar of salt after looking back at Sodom.

“Malham Cave mapping got hard work,” said Efraim Cohen, a member of HU's research team. “We crawl work 10 hours underground, hitting a dirty waterway, making sure salt blocks are disappearing and falling salt crystals. So it was like another planet. ”

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