The world's oil prices recover from low for many months


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Oil research facility at the Korchagin in Russia oil range in Am Baile's House. Photograph: AFP / TTXVN

Brent oil income increased for London 95 cents income, or 1.52 per cent, to $ 63.48 barrel in London. Texas Texas Texas Texas oil $ 1.2 ($ 2.25) dollar rises to $ 54.63 barrel.

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) in a week that ended in November 16 gasoline stocks fell 1.3 million barrels to the lowest level since December 2007, drops of drops also fell. 77,000 barrels. Cushing, Oklahoma, WTI oil fittings released 116,000 barrels, released their raw materials. The first weekly downturn in nine weeks, according to EIA.

However, the EIA also reported that the US poor 4.9 million barrels rose last week, higher than the previous preliminary and the last nine consecutive benefits, the longest rising from March 2017. Experts say the market for "black gold" is still relatively weak. Brent's raw oil prices have fallen by more than 25% from four-year higher on October 3 ($ 86.74 barrel), ahead of a slow relapse and greater supply from large representatives.

With concerns about surplus supply, the Petroleum Change Agency (OPEC), Russia and other agents consider 1-1.4 million barrel cut daily. The meeting will be held on 6 December. However, analysts indicate that Saudi Arabia could be able to; gets more difficult to support oil prices, after US president Donald Trump praises the efforts of the country to reduce the price of gold.

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