The writer died Chinese migration series Er Yuehe in Beijing at 73


Chinese migration series written by February on the 15th of December (Saturday) died due to a sudden heart failure and died in Beijing at 73.

In February, he was born in Xiyang County, Shanxi division. He joined the army in 1967 and went to the CCP in 1969. He went to the Nanyang Propaganda Department of the Henan Department in 1978 and became the Dean of the University of Zhengzhou Literary School in June 2011.

Since 1982, Er Yuehe has written work on the Qing Revolution immigrants. His works include the trouble of Emperor Kangxi, Emperor Yongzheng and Emperor Qianlong. The change in the films and television has been caused and has opened up a "contemporary empire heat". He also contributed to almost all the part of the audience's goodwill to invade the autonomous emperor and to recognize the debtor. The River of February is a representing the 15th National, 16th, 18th and 19th National Congress of Chinese Communist Party.

However, when they were talking about corruption in China, Er Yuehe discovered that power superstition and authority worship in a traditional Chinese culture are deeply hibernated. What is a thing that is Entrance to the left door of your bribery and bribery. He warned that these are related to the lack of social education, school education and family education in China.

(Editor: Yan Qing)

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