The Wu Dunyi "Fat Zizi Big Sow" crash She's a funeral: a politically weak party! Yukang Arrears Connections International Politics


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On the 17th century, the Kuomintang Chairman Wu Dunyi decided to replace the Kaohsiung Mayor Yuki Yuki headquarters, but was erased by the Secretary General of the President's Office, Chen Ju, "The Big Sow" that prompted all areas of life. Wu Siyao, a legislator of the DPP, shook with anger and said to him that he was "destroyed to sincerity and rebellion towards an unfortunate world." It was to keep the weak party of the Kuomintang a & # 39; Taiwan democracy; The power legislature of Huang Guochang also questioned that the acid was saying well A discrimination must require a public excuse.

"That is to ensure someone's life, I do not want to say who's, fat and a woman's nutrition, and walking like a big one." Wu Dunyi, as the party's chairman, went south to the Kaohsiung Yunlin Association to assist South Wales on the 17th century. During the lecture, Yu talked about the "tragedy staff" disaster in 2006, followed by the election of a seaman and a member of the Huang Junying survey committee, who was lost and removed. In a & # 39; Taiwanese language, Chen Ju "was also named after the senior democratic candidate Kaohsiung, the candidate Chen Qimai, the person who held the news conference on that year.

▲ ▼ Wu Dunyi, the Kuomintang, three North American Party celebrations. (Photograph / reporter Ou Ting Ting)

▲ The seed said it was tough, Wu Dunyi dismissed her: I used the adjective unsuitable. (Photograph / information reporter Ou Ting Ting)

She said that all of Taiwan was in trouble. There was a Green Committee, Wu Silao, angry and speechless. He criticized Kuomintang's stage words and functions. He has already gone to flames and senses towards "humanity." This bad party is still there. It's a good reason for Taiwan's democracy! "Refueling Chen Yu, he also says that the three-year-old candidate for Lanying Taipei's master, Ding Shouzhong, also sworn before choosing" four bad words and actions sitting on four women. "

The Huang Guochang Board of Directors also announced the Wu Dunyi poem, saying "you can criticize Chen Ju in public policy, but it does not have such a definite lecture -mach to fully hear the style of the chairman of his opponent's party, but has overcame the public purpose of his / her societies civilian. "He was asked to; bring back this matter and make public excuse.

Along with the party's Korean Yu, the Phoenix Mountain rally also spoke on the late 17th century and criticized. Wu Dunyi said he was tough. "I'm really sorry. Wu Dunyi, the chairman of the party, also helped me. Very unsuitable, I do not want any election process, use hidden or even personal attacks, I do not want , not what I want to go on! "I would like to lose it clean, and I did not win this selection.

In this regard, the palace said president of the night "that it is hard to see bullying as hard and as beautiful as the chairman of his defending party to help choose Yu & Korea , "and asked Wu Dunyi to be rest. Wu Dunyi was sent midnight to Zheng Liwen, deputy secretary of his / her party; TV program, and he reported that the coach event he was talking about old age. He reminded only of the competitors that they could go to; use the same Olympic step to influence the election. "These facts are all, but I may be sorry about the incompatible adjectives that I use." But I can not forget the auto lessons. "Be careful, be careful and be careful."

▲ ▼ 吴敦义 Chaos mòr "Sat AIDS mòr" I added: a funny party to heart break! Cutting Yukang liberation. (Photo figure / booklet)

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