The Xiaomi My 9 comes with both television and a truly comprehensive lens


Xiaomi has published camera information for the forthcoming 9s digital phone. Like the majority of smartphone makers, Xiaomi also has a & # 39; going to establish three cameras that will increase flexibility compared to the current Mi 8 priorities.

48MP f / 1.75 main camera

A main camera on Mi 9 a & # 39; using Sony 48MP IMX586. This is the only imaging sensor found on Honor Hon 20. For a lower light light ability, My 9 camera can connect 4 pyxels nearby to create a larger 1.6-micron Super Pixel. This will provide a clearer 12MP picture.

The 48MP holder uses 1 / 2.0 sensation "and is larger than the 1 / 2.55 image sensor that is placed on the current model My 8. For faster focus even in dark situations, My 9 is assisted with a combination of Laser Autofocus, PDAF and CDAF.

16MP f / 2.2 over-broad-angle camera

To get more into the picture, the 9th 9th show a special 16MP f / 2.2 soldier for extensive views. According to Xiaomi, the camera has a 117-degree spectrum.

The overlapping window lens can also be used for macro shots and Mi 9 gives you access to almost 4cm. As a comparison, there is a Super Macro mode at the # 20 Mate 20 Pro which will be a # Use the oversized window lens and you can burn from how close 2.5cmSouth Westerly

12MP camera camera camera f / 2.2

For months in which you need to be closer, Xiaomi also has booked a television lens for the Mi 9. It will receive a 12MP television unit that is available; Offer 2x flexible zoom with f / 2.2 opening.

Glass sapphire lens cover

To keep me safe from camera, Mi 9 gets a sapphire glass cover. In addition, the lens that is directly applied for animation has a big black cover. To date, there is still no comment on setting up an image. Xiaomi may also drop out more information in the next two days.

In total, My 9 camera looks promising on paper and this is a # 39; Their first telephones to offer television and an overwhelming window lens. For the past year, Chinese white cell phone makers have been making great progress in the image category. The Mi MIX 3 was currently shot 103 on DxoMark Mobile, which is compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note9.

The Xiaomi My 9 will be released in China on 20th February and will be the first place in Barcelona on 24th February 2019.

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