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Anniversary around Sunday, November 18, 2018.

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Bratislava, November 18 (TASR) –


1843 – Born in Ciclova Montana (now Romania), historian and historian author of seven Bratislava stories, TEODOR ORTVAY. July 8, 1916 died in Bratislava.

1903 – The electrotechnical Ľudovít KNEPPO scientist was born in Banská Štiavnica, which built, for example, thermopathy and transformation without copper use, which brought much attention. Died 20 September 1983

1943 – MILOS RUPPELDT's sophisticated music composer, supervisor and music organizer died in Bratislava. Born in May 1881.

1953 – Journalist, journalist, literary journalist and historian JAROSLAV VOTRUB in Bratislava died. Born 13 April 1880.

1968 – A former hockey player was born in Trencin, a long-time producer of ĽUBOMÍR SEKERÁŠ, who played 152 matches for his production and 29 goals in the game. He added the first success for a population for Slovakia (money) at the Petrohrad World Cup in 2000.


1928 – In New York (SA), Disney's first black-and-white sound sound, Mickey Steamboat Willie, was shown by Michael Mock's favorite character.

1963 – PETER SCHMEICHEL, renowned Danish watchman of Denmark, full name Peter Bolesław Schmeichel, long-term guardian, not only the well-known Manchester United club, but also a Danish representative, who won It was a European Championship (ME) in Sweden in 1992.

1968 – American actor OWEN WILSON was born.

1978 – The jungle has made a huge contribution to it about 900 members of the People of the United States. Jim Jones's suicide leader has also killed himself.

2003 – The composer and American leader MICHAEL KAMEN died, performing more than 80 films and his / her; Creates several Oscars, Golden Globes and Emmy Awards for his work. Born 15 April 1948.

– The High Court of Massachusetts (SA) decides that same-sex couples are entitled to a marriage in accordance with the state constitution. However, his court did not have authority for his / her. case about those marriages.

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