The young man was chronic on her; carriage and burning from the troll. Physicians have bent the lower part of the body, including pelvis – ČT24 – Japanese TV


Daniel Křeček, two years ago, decided to climb with his friends on a car and take a picture of it. Instead of selfie, however, bad fortune rises. "I climbed it first and I got rid of electricity. I fell between the cars, I broke my spine and started burning," said the young man.

While he was living on her & # 39; conquered, suffering from wound on his backbone and backbone, but he did not feel his feet. "Words were damaged inside their legs. I started to rotate meat," she says. The disease spread, and the two legs stopped. Eventually, she went to her phoit, and then was not overlooked. In Motole, they needed to make hemicorporectomy, ie a young man to get rid of the pelvis.

It's an amazing job. In the Czech Republic, they have been doing it on Bulovka from a millennium turn – in eleven cases. In the world for the first time, doctors have a & # 39; subtract the lower body in 1961.

Fifty of the percentage of living

Not just an act that is special and urgent, but also a dangerous interference. The chance to survive is only fifty percent. "The physical risk of exercise is enormous," explained the head of his / her; Medical Relations Hospital Medical Medicine Clinic and 2nd Medical Department of the University of Charles Jiří Hoch.

The doctors sent sixteen times over the young man and replaced them with 22. "We tried to cure skin failure and used different methods, including hyperbaroxherapy for violin and cure dwarfs improved, "said the head unit of Motol Hospital Jiří Kříž Drum unit.

Finally, doctors went on. The operation of the surgery was even better than they hoped. "We lost 5.5 liters. Against this, writing in writing, the loss was less than half," said Jiří Hoch.

Daniel Křeček is now able to go home – after two years, he just spent a short break in hospital. However, Motola will return to a special stress. Life without pads and legs is not easy; After surgery, two centers are stomach, which reduce their abdominal weight and its; reduce its capacity capacity.

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