The youngsters got a bad chance in Nitra


Hocaidh Nitra 8: 0 players won the 24th round of the highest slobhaka competition over the HK Orange 20 team.

The first one was not assigned, but in the other, the home was pushed five times. Marek Slovák, who made a pass from Róbert Lantosi, played a game. In 32 minutes, the center of the Nitriansky collections was replaced again with Alasdair Hvizdoš, Matus Rais and Judd Blackwater. In the third game Nitrania continued to play hockey and put three more specific effects. The "Corgoni" won a fourth game and with the best score they jumped six new New Castle in the board. One of the stars has even one star star.

Ice Hockey – Tipsport leiga 2018/2019 – 24. kolo – streda:

HK Nitra – HK Orange 20 8: 0 (0: 0, 5: 0, 3: 0)
Aims: 21. M. Slovák (Lantoši, MacCormack), 25. Hvizdoš (Morrison, Hrušík), 30. Rais (Scheidl, Kerbashian), 32. M. Slovák (Blackwater, Mezei), 42. Blackwater (Morrison), 52 Scheidl (Kerbashian), 57. Bucek (Korim, B. Rapac)
3: 4 for 2 minutes, plus Fifth (Nitra) 10 min for an accident, 2: 0, weakness: 0: 0, determined by: Konc st., Novák – Konc ml., Valo, 972 spectators

Nitra: Lawson – McCormack, Mezei, Morrison, Korim, Rais, Miroslav Pupak, Hvizdoš, A. Sloboda – Blackwater, M. Slovák, Lantosi – Majdan, Kerbashian, Scheidl – B. Rapac, Bortnak, Bucek – Hrušík, Čaládi, Pätoprystý
HK Orange 20: Gladiator – Golian, Kupec, Nahkalka, Boldijar, Enrik Švec, Lavička, Dlugoš, Brincko – Fafrák, A. Kollár, Urbánek – Juščák, Giertl, L. Lunter – Köver, Čenka, Havrila – Minárik, Sojka, Jugan

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