The "Žalgiris" target – A horrible swede and a Russian man who lost three points


Kaunas "Žalgiris" (3/5) needs to forget the terrible failure of the CSKA in Moscow on Wednesday evening and go to the new Eurolyg battle in less than two days.

Children Šarūnas Jasikevičius at 19.45 on Friday. The Chimki (2/6), which starts appearing in front of Moscow, and # trying to break the ice at the last house, where it is not yet sunk.

The first stage at the stage of the season is the fourth loss of Žalgiris's worst achievements throughout the past; club at Eurolyg.

However, in the future of competitors in the future, Kaunas residents have a great opportunity to complete the Friday outbreak table.

Busy start

In the first instance, the Chimki club shows this form in this season. The Russian team has won two wins in the Euroleague this year – Podgoricos Budučnost (85:69) and Gran Canaria (87:72).

Due to justice, it should be noted that Georgie Bartzok's only man is missing unexpectedly when Olympiacos had no hope at the beginning of the season (66:87).

In all other combinations they fought for influence, but the same could be said about Žalgiris.

There are not enough centimeters

Moscow Chimki has been the last team in the last Euroleague season set up among the top 8 most powerful and strongest teams.

In the finals, they had to fight against Moscow CSKA, who won 3: 1 in the final round.

Despite good performance, the Russians who have invested money in sport more wanted more.

Dee Bost (pictured by SCANPIX)

Dee Bost (pictured by SCANPIX)

In the summer, Chimki was very active in the gaming market. Six players played the team, including Dee Bostas, to play quickly in Kaunas Žalgiris.

Tony Crocker, Garlon Green, Peter Gubanov, Jordi Mickey and Dmitry Kadoshnikov are also interested in the Russian club's offer.

True, there are only T. Crocker (11.8 points, 46.5% trit), J. Mickey (11.3 points, 4.6 concepts) and D. Bostas (8.3 points, 2.3 rev.perd.).

Chimki also greeted five players with a height of 2 meters – Thomas Thompson Robinson (208 cm), Tyler Milse (203 cm), Ruslan Pataev (213 cm), Dmitry Sokolov (214 cm) and Mark Todorovich (206 cm).

This summer the team returned with James Anderson (198 cm), formerly the winner "Žalgiris" of Kaunas.

Compared to the past season, the Bartzok training trails, which have decreased significantly, are based on what they are doing, something to do; remembers Moscow Cossacks.

It can be considered that Š. Jasikevičius will encourage students this Friday to play so much & # 39; as possible on his / her penalty and his / her; gather points from a closer pace.

The previous survey was not to be investigated in Moscow against the CBA of the force's work, so it would be difficult to try and fight this weapon against Chimki.

Number prism

Looking statistically, Zalgiris is better off during the Euroleague season this season, but our enemies are ahead of our protective parts – the lost points, the balls built and its & # 39; barriers to them:

Zalgiris – Chimki

Points (in protection): 83.4 (83.5) – 80.4 (81.6)

Reactions (attack): 33.6 (9.6) – 29.6 (9.8)

Effective transfers: 19.3 – 18.3

Balls split: 5.1 – 7.4

Blocks: 1.5 – 2.3

Two-way (per cent): 55.2 – 56.7

Three percent (per cent): 39.7 – 37.0

Crimes (per cent): 80.4 – 72.4

However, the most remarkable difference in statistics is the felling and hitting of the three points.

Russian club players in this season just lose their long throw.

G. Bartzok's students after 8 tours of tourists are sure that the leader in Eurolyg is in line with the number of castles (101) and threw (273) three-digit numbers.

It is difficult to say if this strategy is beneficial because, according to a three-point target (37%), the Russian club only takes 10 places.

Representatives from the Russian club who break European basketball fashion even more than more than colonies (224), which have never seen anyone in the Middle East.

Žalgiriai, to organize it well, opposes a three-point line, much more modest. Š Jasikevicius meta (116) nurses and effects (46) throw the most distant from all the teams, although there are a percentage of effects (39.66%) in 5th place.

Everything goes around Sweden

When the language is declining about three, Ailigsey Sved is a & # 39; first impression on the head. The Chimki team had 7 games during this season, and they were fairly 12.4 pounds.

It is a good news for the Russians that the long journeys of A. Švedo (36/87 – 41.38%) are ahead of the team average, or so it would be a difficult situation.

The whole game Chimki Club is going around this Russian team star.

Swedish Alexey (pictured by SCANPIX)

Swedish Alexey (pictured by SCANPIX)

A.Sweddon is the Euroleague guides for winning points (25.29), the closest band, Mike James (19.13 points), from Milan Olympia, a & # 39; knock out more than a smash hit.

Russia is the best player in the Euroleague (25 points), and takes the third place in the scanner (7). The Chimki defender also has a command to & # 39; Cover (mid 6.4), but also the worst player (4.14) over Eurolive.

"Chimki Moscow's game last year. Everything goes on Swede's shoulders. Something has changed, Crocker came to honeycutto. Everything is likewise, Everything in the hands of Sweden, he plays really and is difficult to stop. There are two opinions, whether they should try to stop all costs, or try to stop trying to turn on all co-teams, "said Zalgiris coach Š. Jasikevičius.

Not so obvious – on Friday night, "Žalgiris" must stop this chimki windmill as well as it; as possible, or maybe it be forever.

Despite all suffering and at the end of the game, the "Žalgiris" drama chambers will fail because no one else deserves to be rest.

As well as the skilled teammates of "Žalgiris" team, it is definitely worth leaving the Nemunas island with high heads.

The actor Zalgiris and Chimki and Barcelona and Olimpia Milan will be on the show online with the video streaming, Sports TV and SportsPlay Sports + Friday platform.

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