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The Wall Street Journal said Apple has set up orders for three new iPhones in 2018, and OH Hon, the largest OEM, has the potential impact on OEMs, including Hon Hai, Heshuo, Wistron and other companies. The price of 20 stock of Taiwan fell at Hai at Hon Hai, at a cost of 71 per cent per department, falling by 3.27%. This also caused Hai's shared price for a low downward decline, and the value of its market value fell under the trillion.

Wall Street Journal spoke to people who knew the case as he said that Apple has cut three new orders for iPhone that were released in September 2018 in September 2018, and undoubtedly blocked Apple's supply chain operators and employees. The iPhone XR is the most complex. At the end of October 2018 Apple reduces the iPhone XR production target around a third. In the last week, Apple asked providers again to cut a cut.

Apple has told Hon Hai and other foundations to set up plans to increase the iPhone XR production line. People who knew the case were for Hai an Urr, almost 60 production lines were made first to make the iPhone XR, but just about 45 delegation lines were launched since short. Hai said that there are so many electrical systems at this time. Heshuo is also opposed to a similar situation, stops the increase in show plans, waiting for Apple for more guidance. Wistron's Priority is still maintained. However, people who knew the Wistron case were able to identify an iPhone XR order in the December 2018 shopping season.

In the year 2018, it was 97.4 yuan's worldwide price. price. In November 20, there was only a stock price of 71 yuan per department. Stock price fell by 30%, and the market value also fell under mega yuan. Signs to NT $ 985.77 million. Heshuo's closing price was on the 20th at 51.6 yuan per department, down 0.9 yuan, or 1.71%. Wistron fell 0.55 yuan to 19.15 yuan per department, falling by 2.79%.

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