Thelma Fardin following the report that faced the fight against Juan Darthés: I had one additional link


complain thelma fardin juan to video 1

"I was dying her & # 39; leaving for saying they stopped talking well about Chalu, I wanted to go out and shout my truth, but I knew I needed to be up to work, "he said in radio statements." This was a social problem that must be seen, "he said.

He then explained what his Tuesday claimed: "This was already overwhelmed by me, There's something that has nothing to do with me. I was more tied. "

Gerald Thelma complains to video video 2

"This generated this content Something something was already in society and it was necessary, "he explained." When I spoke to my people, we thought that if this gives us a message, we are happy, "he explained.

"At that time I was not allowed to see what was happening, It was another social time; where you ate offenses for you"He said and added:" Surely before we played, it was not impossible to talk. At that time I was scared. "

"That night I spent only in my room, and it is alsoto the night he made me strong, and I finished building its & # 39; phone because I can not stand out, "he said." My mother was not there because she could not travel. I can not talk to her at the time, she did not; I can only tell two of the walkers"He said.

"When I returned, I had to save that night except that was very hard. When I told it he was back to Buenos Aires and what happened to me, I said to two paralyzed girls, they did not know what to do, "he said.

"I went back to Buenos Aires and tried to keep her at home; go, all that I say is now converted to a woman, I see what happened to that girl I was, "he said.

In terms of his / her crawled video at his & # 39; Conference on Tuesday, he said: "For me, it was very awesome to say how much the vexamen was on my body, with details so the other one could translate, so that it is possible ".

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