Thelma Fardin when Juan Darthés was released: "He is lamenting, he's turning a lot and he is worried" – 12/14/2018


Thelma Fardin He is strongly committed to maintaining the degree of sexual assault and abusive complaints made after his public court against Juan Darthés "It's a domino impact" because he was "something there" and he met "many women."

But she also recognizes that he has listened to the actor to prevent her from being & # 39; Going into her room to try to kiss her "It hurts" and "Stirs the guts". In any case, make sure that it is "there" and strong to move forward.

"My solicitor asked me to tell me about the interview and I fell. I can not believe that there was no end. As one could reach the true end. Tell me not to see it. It started and I heard two phrases and we turned it off, but I kept listening. And beyond that for me It hurts it, it turns my great and it's a? Worried, I felt it was", says to Fardin in an interview with Verónica Lozano on Telefé.

"I'm really sorry for the work he has been doing, it has not been something like being proven, it is not a process that we live, he goes far beyond everything, "he said to his; actress against Darthés.

Make sure there is "justice" there. "We need justice as a social system, it is very important that we go ahead, then the personal worker," said the actress.

For Fardin, what's "It happened like a wave, domino's influence because it was somethingvery latent. "

He was grateful that his testimonial was "attended by many children and also men" that were encouraged from that exhibition to tell them what they had suffered.

He said he is now feeling "the responsibility to speak for everyone" that was encouraged to share their knowledge. "It's a step in talking and now you have to find a way to do something," he said.

Fardin gave the interview the day after Darthés complained that he had gone into his room to try to kiss him. The Response of Immigration was immediately and he ruled that the words of the actor are "symbolic violence."

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