Then, Park Hang Seo also returns to the work of Quang Hai


Sunday, 11/18/2018 00:03 AM (GMT + 7)

Managing Malaysia 2-0, Vietnam has a very important consequence to compete for a & # 39; First place in the list A. But after & # 39; However, it is still to be found how confident the Hang-Seo Coach is recognizable.

Against the game against Malaysia, many of the ideas have been said to be Quang Hai Hang-Seo coach should only use 2 people to take a defensive field range to support Xuan Truong. And Hang-Seo coach is half of that evaluation.

He decided to prepare, just use Quang Hai and Cong Phuong. But he still does not play the defender on his & # 39; park. Instead, Quang Hai still plays alongside Xuan Truong and Van Duc instead of Van Decision.

Then, Park Hang Seo also returns to the work of Quang Hai

Cong Phuong celebrating opening score – Picture: LT

Indigenous is usually the "most beautiful" compared to the last few years. Trinh Dinh – Dinh Trong – Duy Manh will play pretty well. And in the garden, the reserve remains a strong, tidy and familiar Dung (Viettel). Probably, due to its & # 39; That power in the defense, Hang-Seo coach was not too focalistic in the middle of the midfield.

In the match against Malaysia, to go to # 39; made up for the protection of the second line, Park Hang-Seo is built on Dinh Trong to increase at many times. But in reality, there is only a solution when the opponent has raised the number of soldiers in the line that empowers Dinh Trong, a clear defender player will appear.

In particular, Malaysia has chosen a very difficult selection when players like Talaha and Rashid often drag the entrance into the area (the buffer zone between the midfield of the attack and the midfield ) and the activity is quite empty, roof. Fortunately, Malala did not get a good attack, and also, they did not succeed from about 20 yards in front. So, Van Lam was not so hard to defend the web for the Appleseed.

Then, Park Hang Seo also returns to the work of Quang Hai

Trong Hoang in controversy – Photo: LT

At the same time, on the attack, two Vietnam aims have two very prominent situations about the attack. The first time, Van Hau could quickly get out and good return to Anh Duc could be a bit hidden because of the Binh Duong stripper treatment but fast, sharp, sensitive technology and Phoenix. just fortune. The second album is more likely. There are only two routes from the Xuan Truong base, Anh Duc who welcome her & her; good gap. His vision showed clearly how good England was.

But from 72 onwards, when Hung Hung has played the field with Xuan Truong and Quang Hai pushed up on the line, an enumerator was very different. Malaysia is not currently running to; midfielder and practically accessible to the sensitive range of Vietnam. Although Quang Hai is not tough at work, but Vietnam is obviously much fairer.

If we review U23 Asia and Asia, we are very clear how well a Quang Hai is like to play on the line. At that time, the creation of Quang Hai was generally encouraged, and its level of risk was also increasing. And indeed, the use of Quang Hai in the situation is low, eg the two alongside Xuan Truong, the rubbish. But it can be a huge effort to Hang-Seo Park. It seems that he does not want us to appear when he has not met his last enemy.

Then, Park Hang Seo also returns to the work of Quang Hai

Cong Phuong before the enemy's siege comes – Picture: LT

The aim of the Park Hang-Seo Cup is to win the AFF Cup, although it has never been said. But we can clearly see that goal when choosing the game carefully from the level of the organization. And let's suppose, he will pay Quang Hai back to work, as there is more than anyone, he understands where it is appropriate.

Our work is to talk, for fun. And waiting for the time Mr Park Hang-Seo is a & # 39; shows Vietnam's explosion.

Park Hang Here is a coach need to talk to Vietnamese Vietnam's unique star?

Coach Park Hang Here he has his own recommendations for the players after the game of Malaysia.

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