There are 10% of adults in the United States; suffering from food allergies


10.8% of adults in the home United States suffer some food alergy, though Only half of them know that they are suffering from this illness, an investigation published today.

The report, prepared by Ann & Robert H. Lurie's Children's Hospital in Chicago, found that around half of people suffering from a food allergy are long-termed & as they eat.

"We were amazed to find that food flavors in Scotland's age were more common", Ruchi Gupta, the main author of the research and professor of a child-teacher at Feinberg Medicine School at the Northwest University (NU).

The report states that the most common food restaurant is a seafood among Americans, which affects 7.2 million people and "usually starts when age and is very common during life", the researcher said.

According to the survey, and then with milk allergies (4.7 million), nuts (4.5 million) and nuts (3 million).

There are allergies to mermaid (2.2 million), to eggs (2 million), wheat (2 million), a knoll (1.5 million) and to sesame (half million) is also common.

The number of adults with a & # 39; suffering from a food allergy in the US, over 26 million people, according to the survey, assessed a national sample of representation of more than 40,000 adults.

Compared to this, 19% of adults believe that they are brought back to any food and do not. unwantedly avoided.

"It is important that you decide with a doctor to carry out assessments and make appropriate judgment before eliminating your diet from the diet", Gupta Recommendation.

Only half of the adults suffering from food recharges are & # 39; confirmed by a doctor and currently under 25% for order epinephrine, the stuff that used to be & # 39; fight adverse reactions.

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