There are 10 of the leading PlayStation Black players


It's a real day of the Day of Player's Day; in Black Friday. How can you call a time to get almost the hot titles at high prices? However, you have to make a hurry, because campaigns from Black Friday are given to you that they are doing it; finishing quickly. Check out some of the most interesting offers for Playstation consullers.

Playstation Subcript

Playstation Plus purchases for 12 months can save up to 20%, and Playstation Plus is useful, you do not need to confirm anybody. At the end, the subscription is not only a & # 39; allows you to play online games, but also gives us free monthly titles.

Marvel's Spider-Man

The latest version of the Spider-Man events is at least sensitive. This is proven not only with major reviews but also with warm welcome from the players themselves. At Black Friday, we'll find this amazing game with 41% cheaper! Marvel's Spider Man was awarded a 9.5/10 score from our site.

"Marvel's Spider-Man does not have a bad gift. Unfortunately, it is not particularly special in the context of open opening competitions. Fortunately, the creators have worked a lot submitted to ensure that the remaining production sides are at the highest level. The transitions between animation, both during the fight and at home, are very smooth and satisfied. It is to play New York fun, and equipment, skills and clothing are a great opportunity to play a game. In addition, the game looks beautiful. especially when a sun goes over the Hudson River and its beautifully illuminated buildings. Design mode is often used in the game often. There is no doubt Marvel and Spider-Man will have the honor to join the group of the ge best times for PlayStation 4 "

Fifa 19

Fifa game lines do not have to be given to anyone. This classic title has been fascinated by the football fans for many years. If you have not yet been able to make the most recent installment of this series, there may be a sufficient argument in -43% to get up.

God of War

God of War is definitely one of the best games from the last few years, and what's bigger, in fact, is a title to be a real chance to buy Playstation. Our review evaluated God of War's latest events at 9.5/10 and said:

"Kratos has come back and in a beautiful style. The scenes of the landscapes of the Nordic world will remain long for a long time. The end of the rebellion has a great deal of joy, and the battles with the leaders, although I do not get so much, get rid of my throat a few times. But, most of all, I welcome people, The story is about the way the father and his son is doing a very good idea. Surely you have not seen this face of God & # 39 , war still, but you do not have to worry about that that Kratos has been cleansed. God of War is still a very violent game to get rid of a story. "

Dead Dead Solution 2

The Rockstar Games studio has been a long wait for our next game. Who is not like a new GTA for years. It appears, however, that Rockstar did not have a long time to & # 39; Creating continuity of its vast impact in the west and in fact it was worthwhile to remain. It's just a special title in Red Dead Redemption 2, which is evaluated by our 10/10 website hard.

Detroit: Be always

The latest work of the prestigious Quantum Dreams studio has been catching thousands of players around the world. The history of the androids in Detroit: Daonnan gives us the chance to look at an amazing interactive journey that has a lot of tough choices, as stated by our inspector:

"Detroit: Make the People really involved in the game, and let the player draw his own story through options, which are often duplicate and reflect big. "

Map Unlock (Open)

The latest edition of the Fallout series has received negative views from players and some researchers. Our editors are not sure if it is correct, but sooner you will check our survey.

Maybe this is the most recent version of the game that is very popular, and a really new novel that you can now get at a huge increase -41%. Perhaps this is a great opportunity to find out what game is in Fallout 76?

Crown corner

Assasins Creed is a series of other games that almost everyone has heard about it. The most recent version of the series brings us directly to the world; Ancient Greek, known to us through the prism of myths, and general history lessons. If you want to find out how the Assassins associate and the famous Greek heroes work, you can now do it using Black Friday switching.

Horizon Zero Dawn

If you are one of the few Playstation 4 players who did not play Horizon Zero Down, this is the best time to make up for these wonderful shortcomings. With the current promotion, this title can only be purchased for PLN 79! How our review sets out:

"Guerilla Games creators have confirmed that they can do not only on skipper-shooters, but also open-ended games. Horizon Zero Dawn will remember a long time and # 39 , most of the world's incredible history and the brilliant history, though it is clear. Not to graphics. My opinion is, this is the most beautiful game. created ever. "

ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission

Astrobot is a fascinating title, surely the best game is for PSV users, and perhaps the best ever created Virtual Reality technology. Our port made this title for a 9/10 format that emphasizes that Astro Bot is certainly one of the most exciting and original games that have seen the light of the day.

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