Google still has problems with Android malware and, above all, with malignant applications counted in the Play Store. Although it is normal that some users may be suffering from this type of malignant apps through third-party stores, Google's work as opposed to what you can to stop your official shop, as has happened several times in the past. And he is repeating it again.

And according to a number of media statements, a series of bad applications have come into the Ports and was downloaded by over half a million users. This time they are 13 apps on the disease by an unfortunate code which has completed the Android screen of Android users under a legitimate part, which is all downloaded from the official source.

In this way, Google has been very fast and has already erased bad apps, but not before damaging half a million people who have relied on Google resource as a valid source of applications. Indeed, both of them were submissions in the transactions section & # 39; of the shop:

All in all it is about games that, with wrong commitments, including users of malware without being aware of them at any time. Logically, most of it These bids were already suspected: games that show large graphics are less than any social network application and have no action when they were executed, but the malware was already inside the building.

As we say, not the first time Google and its users have a & # 39; suffering from this type of custom: Last year, malware advertising was found in 41 applications that affected 8.5 million and 36.5 million Android devices.

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