There are 3 young men trying to launch a bull in Bogotá, and his / her. Police to break for closure


The three were in front of Torres del Parque buildings with flags where they are saying to & # 39; bull party, who had an activity again in Bogota this weekend with the start of the bull season.

Although the young women complained safely, A large group of police arrived at the site with their intention to harass and remove them.

"We're quiet. We do not do anything. Can not stop this by a sign? Can not I write the word in my body? Is it forbidden?" One of the young women who complains between tears.

Another partner says she is at home, and he wants the people to leave clothes because they use the right to complain.

"I'm not going to do it because you say. Sorry, this is right that I am a citizen. And so you know, I'll be next week and I'll do it. tidying because I'm going to make sure that this is a private property, "said another of the girls, who challenged the dress.

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Then, he broke the tears as he thinks his opinion is not right but because he is against a bull.

By using at least 10 police officers to & # 39; Expresses the three young people to motivate them against them with those who believe the work is multiplying. One of them was the former president of Humberto de la Calle, who said that the uniform should be more aware of the problems that are unsure.

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